Work it Wednesday: Crossfit

So, I realize I discussed Crossfit a week ago. It was my and Joseph’s first time trying a WOD and we enjoyed it immensely.Since then, I guess you could say we’ve been hooked. Perhaps “obsessed” would be a better word?

It is HARD. Every day I’m pushing myself and my body. Every day there is a moment where I just want to throw a hissy fit and give up (sometimes the hissy fit happens, but so far NOT the giving up part). And EVERY day since we’ve started (rest day on Saturday and another one today, thankfully) I’ve finished and felt awesome. I literally surprise myself every time I finish a workout, even if I do the easiest and most scaled down version.

Additionally, I’ve enjoyed getting to workout with Joseph. As cheesy as it is, he is my best cheerleader. He, for the most part, ignores the hissy fit and tells me “You’re doing great”, “You can do it”, “I believe in you”. He’s just so dang upbeat, it’s hard to not KEEP pushing. Plus, misery loves company, so with him suffering along beside me, it makes it easier. That same sentiment goes for when we workout with his brother and sister in law, if I’m suffering, I want EVERYONE to suffer.

Every night, around 8, the website is updated with the WOD and every night, I’m refreshing every few minutes until it appears. I’m ridiculously eager to see how I must torture myself for the next day. Once that’s updated, I move on to the BrandX message board to see how it’s going to be scaled down for different skill levels.

Waiting for that update is even worse, because until I get the scaled down workout, I am given time to imagine “What if I had to do it as hard as those other poor smucks who are actually athletic?” Although, considering my unusual and surprising love of this, I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m one of those crazy, poor smucks who attempt and accomplish the whole workout as originally written.

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  1. jbragg30

    you can’t see the jump rope I’m using in the picture. Crossfit makes you levitate! haha. serious this was taken during the HARDEST workout we’ve had.

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