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Five Things Friday

1. I’ve been a busy non blogger this week, mostly because I was getting ready to come here:

2. At work I tend to talk to a lot of the support guys. They are closest to me and they are typically the most interested. But with that said, it’s also their fault I ran across this right before we left for our trip: 5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

3. On Tuesday, when we get back from our trip, I’m getting a lot smarter.

4. This weekend we will be reliving some of this:

5. In case you aren’t jealous enough, the trip started with this:

That’s a Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake, aka Nutella!

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Small Miracles

It’s amazing how something so small and seemingly insignificant can make such a big impact. For reasons I don’t want to get into here, I was an emotional mess last night. The kind of mess that leads to sobbing on your husband’s shoulder so much that you wake up the next day, your eyes still exhausted, your eye lids heavy and this need to just climb back into bed and never get out.

I wasn’t very enthused about work, or the day ahead. I wasn’t wanting to be really friendly or productive. A headache has lingered all day, and it’s caused my eye to hurt. The list of negativity pretty much continues much like that.

Then, around lunch time my day changed. I got an email from someone with a unique and gracious offer, one that made me think that what I do isn’t a total waste of time. It cheered me up and lifted my spirits a notch, simply because someone noticed me.

Then, as I was sort of dreading making it through a lunch hour with just my own thoughts, a friend from over the cubicle wall goes “Hey, we’re going to lunch today, want to go?”

Small miracles, seemingly inconsequential and insignificant can do a lot for a person. Today was one of those days I was especially thankful for them.

What small miracles did you experience today? What are you thankful for?

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Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday:

1.This is old but has been making the rounds on the internet. I think most women who have ever struggled with weight and working out can relate to this and find it motivating.

2. On a pretty regular basis I get views from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia & Italy. Often enough that I assume they are repeat readers. Not gonna lie, I would LOVE to know who you are! Leave me a comment and talk to me!

3. A bitter sweet love story in pictures. Warning this gallery will make you cry but in an awesome way.





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Top Ten Thursday- Favorite Internet Videos

Top Ten Favorite Internet Videos

(aka, this one is for you James)

You can ask my brother in law Stephen and he would tell you that typically, whenever mention of “check this out on youtube” is said, I get sort of disdainful. For the most part I have very little patience for watching clips. But, there are a few that crack me up. (Honestly, just be impressed if I can come up with 10 without 5 of them being Rhett and Link)

  1. Charlie the Unicorn

    Want to know what is better than watching Charlie the Unicorn? Having your adorable nieces and nephews quote it
  2. The End of the World (beware of language)

    If I ever type “ok so” in my head I’m pronouncing it like from the video.
  3. Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation

    Want to see me cry like a little girl? Watch me watch this video. It’s amazing
  4. Fast Food Folk Song by Rhett and Link

    This is probably my favorite Rhett and Link video, after all the Taco Bell employee actually gets their whole order right. Plus, who knew you could actually spend THAT MUCH at Taco Bell?
  5. Suicide Cat Runs Into a Wall

    Shortest and still one of the funniest videos on the net
  6. Epic Rap Battles (Another language warning)

    These guys are weird and entertaining all at the same time
  7. Edward & Bella A Bad Lip Reading

    Bad lip reading of a bad movie? Yes please!
  8. Call Me Maybe 2012 USA Olympic Swim Team

    Perhaps it’s just me, but they make that song enjoyable
  9. Bizkit the Sleepwalking, Barking Dog

    Why are animals so funny?
  10. Fast Food Lasagna – Epic Meal Time

    Disgusting looking as crap but amazing what these people think of (and then actually PUT in their bodies)

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Work it Wednesday: Fall Decorations

If I had to pick a favorite season, without a doubt I would have to pick fall. There is honestly nothing not awesome about fall, from the weather, the colors and the food. When fall hits, the scent of burning leaves hits the air, pumpkin is put in everything and it’s acceptable to start making chili again. Sweaters, boots and scarves are brought out and I no longer have to dread going outside in fear that I’ll start sweating right away.

Even though in Georgia September doesn’t automatically equal cooler weather, by 9/1 I’m embracing fall in every way possible. Baking commences, scarves start becoming a reality and I get to decorate my house for fall. Sadly, since I hated the last house we lived in so much, I didn’t invest in a lot of fall decorations, or really any. So, right now my fall decorations are still pretty sparse and I definitely plan to add more. However, these are the touches of fall currently decorating my house.

Let’s start at the front door. The little pumpkin in the bottom corner has a B (for Bragg, duh). The wreath, well, let’s take a closer look:

The wreath is a “me” original. Of course it has an owl on it! Tutorial to come soon. This was ridiculously easy and now I know how to make a NO SEW ruffle from ribbon.

This is the entry way table (actually a media table, but why follow rules). The leaf bowl is one of my favorite things, we got it from Home Goods. But look at that cute fall tree in the corner, closer look, hmm?

The tree also made by me. Perhaps a tutorial on that if anyone is interested? It is a perfect indoor, bad weather activity.

The pagoda shelf lives in our dining area. Last year I bought the glass of a hurricane lamp and I filled it with tiny pumpkins and pinecones.

Simple mantle with leaf garlands, an owl (ridiculous) and a orange pumpkin!

On one of our side table in the living room I had a little fall bouquet with a scarecrow sit. This was super cheap and easy to make with some fall flowers from Michaels.Last but not least, the pinestraw pumpkin that Target has for sale in their $1 section.

So that’s my house with it’s fall decor for now. Any suggestions on how to jazz it up? What do you have in your house to give it a hint of festivities?


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Tasty Tuesday: Primal Chicken Nuggets

As I previously have stated, Joseph and I have been taking turns cooking. Tonight was his night and he had grand plans for his dinner including home made chicken nuggets. Typical chicken nuggets are fried in oil and covered in flour. While, I’m not against the deliciousness of those options they aren’t necessarily the healthy we are going for. I mean, flour goes in all sorts of delicious things but cavemen didn’t eat it.

Instead, Joseph made a few swaps to make them align a little better with how we eat that turned it into a pretty tasty nugget.

And by pretty tasty, I mean they were FAB-U-LOUS!

We mixed up a little dijon mustard and honey to dip them in and they were a match made in heaven.

Primal Chicken Nuggets

1/2 lb Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
1 Egg
1 cup Pork Rinds crunched into crumbs
Cajun Seasoning
Basil Seasoning
Salt & Pepper


Pre-heat the oven 350

Chop chicken into bite sized nuggets
Whisked the egg in a bowl
In a separate bowl mix together seasoning and pork rinds
Form an assembly line of chicken, whisked egg, pork rinds and sprayed baking sheet
Dip chicken into egg white then pork rinds then place on sprayed sheet

Bake for 30 minutes, flipping half way through.

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Menu Planning Monday

That title is such a lie. I’m not menu planning today. On the contrary, I already know what I’m having all week and it’s going to be glorious. But, let’s pretend I’m only just now considering what would be delicious for dinner. It’s rainy and starting to get chilly (you know, not in the 80’s constantly) so I know I want something warm and comforting this week. I also know I want to let Joseph cook some more. Hmmm, what should we have?

Totally Primal Chili (me)
Taco Spaghetti Squash Casserole with a side Salad (me)
Primal Chicken Nuggets with Sauteed Onions & Bell Peppers on the side and a Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce (Joseph)
Basil & Artichoke Heart Chicken Bake with Caesar Salad (me)
Bacon Wrapped Sirloin over a Fried Egg with sliced Pepper Jack Cheese & a side Salad (Joseph)

Breakfast will be composed of Oven Baked Bacon, or Chocolate Coconut Smoothies, or Deviled Eggs (if I get around to making them)
Snack Options will be Bananas, Cheese Sticks, Tossed Salads
Dessert Options: Dark Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate, Candy Corn Oreos (in moderation, of course)

So, what’s on the menu in your household for this week?

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