The Rude Stroller People

This past weekend, a subdivision near where I live, had it’s huge annual community yard sale. For the first time ever, I went out and braved the crazy people and the too packed to drive properly streets to find some good deals. And, good deals I did find. I got a myriad of items including a breadmaker for me and a cute running frame for Joseph that we are going to turn into a metal display hanger. But, the main goal was to get some stuff for the baby. I will say that she made out like a bandit with some adorable clothes and some cute toys.

Then, we have the stroller story. We had stopped at this one house and as we were walking up heard “No, I am not lowering prices today”

That little fact is very important for the point of my story.

Instantly, I zero in on a Jeep Running Stroller. It looks to be in great condition, it’s a good brand and a running stroller is something I could definitely dig once the little girl gets here. For a couple of minutes we debate amongst ourselves and I look up and ask “How much is it?”

The woman selling it replies with the price. I say “I’ll take it”

Her husband says “here let me get that out for you” because it was surrounded on all sides by other baby merchandise.

Then, as the stroller is in the air, being lifted into a clear spot for me, the wife who just gave me the price says “No they just bought it.”

As in, after I said “I’ll take it”, they gave her money for it.

As in, I had already staked my claim and it was being moved for me and because they were standing in front of her with money in hand and could shove it in her hand faster, they took it.

And how do I know it wasn’t sold before that? Because they were asking if she would lower the price ($15 down to $10) when we walked up and she refused to lower it. And after a couple of minutes discussing whether to buy it or not, they still hadn’t bought it because she provided me with the price. I instantly said “I’ll take it” So needless to say, the rude stroller people won out.

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