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Infertility Etiquette

Talking about this sort of thing is not my favorite. Reproduction between a couple is very private and personal. It can be rewarding or disappointing. It can drain you emotionally and leave you feeling like a person you don’t even know. Trying to conceive can be the best or worst time of your life.

Joseph and I started trying in December of 2011, which means at this point we have been trying to conceive about a year. The year mark is when a couple is deemed infertile if they have not yet conceived. It’s such a cold, harsh and scary word. It’s a word I’m having to face.

A good girl friend of mine who knows what I’m going through, mostly because we’re basically at the same point, sent me this article on Infertility Etiquette which I think very clearly and eloquently deals with what I’m going through.

I hate writing about this but I do it because I want anyone who struggles with this to know that it doesn’t have to be this dirty shameful secret. Sure, I don’t want to talk about it with people personally… it will make me cry but I know what it’s like to be ashamed of my perceived shortcomings as a woman.


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Election Disappointment

I know I’m not the only one disappointed after last night’s election.

Of course, to be fair I’ve felt this same disappointment for the past few weeks as facebook has become more and more inundated with arrogant, ignorant and downright rude comments and opinions regarding one political candidate or another.

I was unaware that a vote for Obama really = a love for killing babies. And on the flip side, I was unaware that Romney supporters hated women.

I was unaware that affiliating with one party or voting for one candidate meant you agreed with them 100% with no room for any grey areas.

I was unaware that Jesus was backing a candidate and that to not vote that way meant I was a bad Christian and going to hell, which I’ve seen both insinuated and stated right out. (But if I didn’t vote for Obama either does that mean it’s a wash?)

I was unaware that a difference of opinion meant someone else was lazy, felt entitled, was a waste of time or space, or mooching for the sake of mooching.

I was unaware that those same traits applied to those on unemployment or welfare.

I was unaware that Canada was the better choice for those republicans ready to flee over their hatred of national healthcare. (Please let that one sink in)

I was unaware that we could no longer state a differing opinion in any way other than hostile and rude.

I was unaware that loving your neighbors only extended to those with the correct political poster in their yard.

I was unaware that coming out of this I would be seriously disappointed and disgusted by the hate I’ve been inundated with since campaign season really got under way for both candidates.

Just a reminder of how government works in the United States:

We have in place a plan of checks and balances

Three branches of government:


We have a House of Representatives and a Senate which make up Congress

The United States was created so that no one man can control it.

Additionally there are many rights as determined BY STATES and protected by the Bill of Rights in the Constitution

So, remember voting isn’t just every 4 years during presidential elections. If you’re that concerned get out every election day and make your voice be heard.

And remember, when you insult a candidate or a political affiliation, you’re not insulting strangers, you’re insulting people you have in your life who just so happen to have differing views.


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