Hey, my name is Sandra and this is my blog.

This blog is about living and doing and experiencing. It’s about sometimes being disappointed, struggles and finding the elusive silver lining. This blog involves good food, friends and workouts. Too much talk about Bacon will probably happen.

This blog is about me and everything I love, am passionate about and experience on a day to day basis. Although my job may be mundane, I work hard to keep my free time anything but. It helps that I have a great sidekick.

Joseph and I decided to make our love official a few years ago on March 21, 2009. I guess I fooled him long enough to wife me and now he is stuck with me. He is my perfect complement; from keeping me from being so ridiculous to taking care of me when I’m down to treating me like the princess I’m convinced I am. I liked it, so I made sure to put a ring on it.

Almost a year ago, Joseph and I bought a house together. Once I was determined to buy to escape his bachelor pad house that we had lived in together for 2 years, we started saving. We purchased our (mostly) dream house with all the features a woman would love: big kitchen, great front porch, laundry room and lots of lights; as well as all the features for a man: man cave area, exercise space, lots of land and a bigger living room so we’d have a reason to buy a bigger tv. However, slowly we are turning our (mostly) dream house into a home with lots of work and paint along the way.

Although I will always struggle with my weight, I’m determined to somehow find the sweet spot between obsessing about what I eat to not giving a flying flip how many calories that delicious piece of cake might have. I’m determined if I stick it out long enough, discover enough delicious foods and really get back into my exercising stride I will find the happy balance on the scale, in my clothes and facing the mirror and fully realizing it in my soul.

Mostly though, I want to connect with anyone and everyone who can relate to the excitement of leaving work just because you get to be with the one you love; or, who knowsthe struggle of running a mile as well as the joy of just feeling like a (clumsy) gazelle. I want to feed you, if not in real life then with recipes that I enjoy with my family. I want to know just what you think of a paint color, a decorating scheme and whether it would be a crazy idea to put a trap door from the kitchen to the crawl space in lieu of a basement. I want to know you, honest and real and in return, that’s how you will get to know me too.

Welcome to my blog.

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  1. Beautiful bio. Made me smile.

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