Fabric Pom Pom Tutorial

PomPomTutorialI’m not sure I ever officially announced on here but Joseph and I are expecting a little girl! Pretty much since the minute I found out, I started pinning ideas for her nursery. One idea I ran across was fabric pom-poms but I couldn’t find good instructions so I ended up winging it. I plan to use these as part of her mobile, but really I could hang these anywhere and be happy.


For each Pom Pom I used:
1 Yard of Fabric
1 6inch Styrofoam Ball
Straight Pens
Hot Glue
A pencil
Something round to make my circles


To make the Pom Pom, I folded the fabric into a long strip and traced the round object and cut out about 8 circles at a time.IMG_0385

Once all the circles were cut out, I stuck a pin through the middle of each circle.IMG_0386

Folded the circle overIMG_0387

Added a drop of hot glue right where the pin was stuck throughIMG_0388

Folded over again so it was folded into fourthsIMG_0389

Stuck the fabric into the ball

You continue this until the whole ball is full. Every few pins I’d go through and check to see which sides were too packed in and pull out a fabric circle at random to keep them loose and fluffy.


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