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Tasty Tuesday: Totally Primal Chili

Friday we went over to Stephen & Jasmine’s to workout and watch the Olympic opener. (I turned into a freaking fan girl when JK Rowling started reading, who knew?) Since we knew we were going to be over there for a while, we took some brats over to cook up, but Jasmine cooked up a feast and instead we nommed on their dinner.

One of the tasty dishes Jasmine cooked up, among hambugers and brats, was some chili. Not only did it smell HEAVENLY, it tasted delicious. As if that isn’t enough of a reason to go ahead and whip up a pot, it is also RIDICULOUSLY easy to make. We’re talking maybe 15 minutes of actual work. I immediately put it in my meal plan for this week, including using leftovers to top chili cheeseburgers. YUM. She was nice enough to let me share it with all of you kind people.

(And yes, I’m eating chili in the south, in very high temperatures. What? I miss fall!)

Ridiculously Easy, Totally Primal Chili:

2 lbs Ground Beef
1 Onion, diced
2 small or 1 large can of Tomato Sauce
2 cans Diced Tomatoes
Chili Seasoning, to taste

Optional garnishes: Sour cream, cheddar cheese, diced onion, avocado

In a large pan, heat up some oil of choice. Saute onion until soft.

Add ground beef and brown, cooking until no pink remains

Stir in the tomato sauce, diced tomatoes and chili seasoning.

Simmer until heated through and flavors have had time to meld.

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Menu Planning

I’m excited to say that I have a fridge stock full of delicious ingredients for this coming week of meals. Here’s what we are having this week:



Not pictured: Chili, Cheeseburgers with Lettuce Buns

Apples with Sunbutter
Cheese Sticks
Habanero BBQ Almonds
Dark Chocolate

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Five Things Friday

1. So, I have this tendency to bring a propel in to work and reuse the bottle for a couple of days before bringing in a new one. Well, a few weeks ago they started disappearing off my desk. It didn’t matter if it was full, half full or empty, (I’m assuming) the cleaning lady kept deciding my bottle was trash. It’s come to this:

2. This girl has my proxy on the 50 Shades Series

3. I’ve been loling over this site for far too long at this point. Hunger Games meets Mean Girls

4.I ran across this blog of this girl’s story of forced courtship by her parent’s. Although it seems to have turned out well, it is an eye opening experience when the Bible is used to control instead of to love

5. This picture literally had me laughing so hard I was crying when I first saw it.

And just to be a little more annoying.. Do you want to try and win a digital kitchen scale? I have one and use it ALL THE TIME. You do? Check it out and enter: Scale Giveaway

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Happiness Project: July Check In

I write this post, after throwing a temper tantrum because I didn’t want to warm up before working out. Notice, working out, I didn’t mind. But man, I did not want to warm up.

Proof that this project is working out well, right? A 25 year old throwing a temper tantrum. Stomping was included, no lie.

But I think it actually is.

Sure, I’m not always happy and that’s not the point of this. The point is to appreciate what I have to make me happier. I think over the past few weeks, I’ve learned to appreciate myself more. Which makes it a ton easier to not actually hate on others.

I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’ve been happier with the person I am lately.

Temper tantrums and all, because I never promised to be happy during crossfit.

And Joseph already knows I’m ridiculous.

*Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on Tasty Tuesday

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Tasty Tuesday: Kitchen Scale Giveaway

What’s up people. I have some bad news and some good news.

The bad news, no recipe today. I know you’re devastated. I make ridiculously yummy food and you were wondering what to eat tonight. But it’s been a weird week and it’s only going to get busier and sadly that means I get less creative in the kitchen.

However, now for the good news:

I’m having a Give Away! contacted me about a week or so ago about wanting to do a giveaway on my blog. And since I’ve never had that offer before, how could I pass it up?

I’ve perused the website a bit. Its similar to or other various diet sites on the web. Slimkicker, however focuses on trying to turn losing weight into a game as well as actually try to keep you motivated. You join challenges and set goals and as you reach your goals and complete your challenges, it reminds you to reward yourself with a prize you previously decided on. In addition they also have a recipe database  worth perusing.

Now for the fun part. The give away is an electronic kitchen scale. I have an electronic kitchen scale and I happen to use it ALL of the time. It’s great to know exactly how much of something you are eating or to properly portion out food to freeze, know proper cooking times, etc.

To win this glorious scale you must leave a comment on this blog post and share a fun/creative challenge idea related to fitness or diet. The slimkicker folks will pick their favorite challenge idea and I’ll announce the winner in about a week. Make sure you leave contact information!

OH and check me out on there, username sbragg87


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Menu Planning Monday

I called in sick today and subsequently spent the majority of my day resting and pinteresting. Pinterest, of course, has a ridiculous amount of recipes, the majority of them drool-worthy. Here is a sneak peek of some of our meals for the week:


Lunch & Dinner:


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Comcast Xfinity: Business of Liars

Alright Comcast, let’s talk and this time I’m not going to be interrupted as I point out all the ways you have harassed us, lied to us, given us the run around and then did it all again.

So, last year, before Joseph and I moved into our new house we had Comcast and we simply LOVED it. It was so great: fast internet, perfect cable and we honestly never had to speak to a representative.  We found out we were moving contacted them and were told

“I don’t think we service your area.”

Alright, that’s fine. It sucks, but it’s fine. So we move, we contact AT&T and start the process to get them, when in our mail we noticed that we got a Comcast ad.

Joseph, never one to give up on what he wants, gives them another call.

“Oh, it looks like we did use to give service to your house. We will send a tech out to hook you guys up with internet and cable”



Such a happy day in the Bragg household. Cable for us!

The day comes and we are told by the tech that comes out, “I can’t give you service. I’m not sure why they told you I could. Call them back”

Day 1 Wasted (not counting the two phone calls we made to get their service and I’m sure I don’t have to tell any of you about the wait times).

We call Comcast, tell them what we were told.

“We would have to send a tech out to see how much it would cost to get line run.”

Sure, okay, send the tech out. We would like to know how we can get service.

The tech didn’t make it out the first day, which we had to call to find out (More time wasted) At least this time we were told we didn’t actually have to be there, but of course that wasn’t mentioned the first time so that’s day number TWO wasted.

The tech didn’t come the second day, which we had to call to find out (More time wasted)

The tech didn’t come the third day, which we had to call to find out (More time wasted)

I’ll stop being repetitive at this point and go ahead and say this whole ordeal of trying to get Comcast last year lasted AT LEAST a month if not more.

Now, while we are calling Comcast they keep calling us… which is my nice way of saying they kept HARRASSING us and CHARGING us for the internet modem they told us to keep since they were “still going to get you service in your house”.

To the point, where I ended up on the phone with them, so frustrated I’m in tears, going over the whole ordeal for the millionth time.

Numerous times during this ordeal we requested to speak with a manager, only to be put on hold for ridiculously long amounts of time and SURPRISNGLY  a manager was NEVER available, but “I promise he/she will call you back”, leaving us waiting for a call that NEVER CAME.

Want to know what else never came? The estimate for moving the line so we can DARE to pay Comcast OUR HARD EARNED MONEY for their services.

We finally gave up in SEPTEMBER (MOVED IN TO OUR HOUSE IN JUNE) and went with AT&T.

Now over the course of the year, have we continued to get Comcast ads in our mail. You betcha. Even better, the bag of literature left ON OUR PORCH by our very own Neighborhood Comcast Representative.

So, once again, Joseph wanting his high speed cable internet, gives them a call to see if possibly things have changed and could we get service.

“I do show that we now offer service on your street”

Joseph: “Are you sure?”

“I guarantee it!”

So, a tech gets sent out, Joe makes sure to not be AT HIS JOB so he will be there. And surprise MF’ING surprise…

“I can’t give you service, no place for me to run the line”


Joseph calls, of course can’t reach anyone.

He bothers to comment on Xfinity’s facebook and IMMEDIATELY THEY GIVE A DAMN.

“I’m so sorry for all the issues you’ve had. All your time of our’s we’ve wasted. And what’s that? You had to BUY a wireless router for services we promised you we would give you and then ONCE AGAIN LIED ABOUT?”

I’ll give Comcast this much credit, this time they actually SENT a surveyor out to tell us how far from the line we are.

Here’s a little fact, Comcast cannot connect you if you are more than 300 ft from a line. We are 314 feet.


Per the surveryor, to give us access to the line, it would cost JOSEPH AND I $1028. Which Comcast REFUSES to pay for.

Now, I am a fairly reasonable person, but as someone who is married to a tech support guy and who works in the biz herself, I expect great tech support. And when I don’t get my reasonable expectation, I have an issue with it. Here’s why.

To move the line so we can pay them to give us services $1028.

We were interested in getting cable/internet/home security. The home security is a 3 year contract. Per month this would run us $130 for all three services, which we would most likely keep throughout the 3 year contract because if we are going to keep paying for the security might as well keep the internet and cable.

That is $4680 for the three years.

Additionally, we were having to pay $130 to get everything set up.

Running Total: 4810

Now, let’s talk about what Comcast has COST Us. You know besides all the HOURS we spent on the phone being lied to and given the runaround. Not counting the harassing phone calls we received from them regarding a box they told us to keep OR the bills they kept sending. Also, don’t forget how much fun it is to be currently stressed, but I digress.

For those three days, Joseph was told to be available it cost him time from work which equals money: $865.

If we had to waste another day getting services it would be a 4th day for $288.

Also the cost of that wireless router that we bought but don’t need due to their lies: $100

Running total: $1253.

If I were to factor in the LITERAL HOURS we spent on the phone, it would have cost us even more money.

So to make it even simpler:

Money we’ve wasted $1153
Money Comcast would make: $4810
Money they expect us to pay to just get service $1028.

So to sum up, after we have wasted our time, practically begged for their service/assistance/a CALL BACK:

Comcast continually lied to us.

Comcast continually gave us the runaround.

Comcast harassed us.

Comcast failed in EVERY SINGLE WAY you possibly can in customer service.

Joseph and I have gone above and beyond to, for some reason, acquire services from these people. We have been told “You can get service” only to waste time and money to be lied to.

It has literally cost us time and MONEY when they couldn’t get their act together. I guess I expected a little class from Comcast. Crazy of me, but I expected real customer service. I expected them to care about the crap they’ve put their customer to and go above and beyond to rectify the situation. THAT IS what customer service is about after all. Especially when they have been the one to continually drop the ball and cost us money.

But, hey Comcast, if you want to throw away what would have been a wonderful customer to business relationship over 14 feet and $1028, that’s your prerogative.

Posting this is mine.

It’s just too bad you can’t charge Comcast for the money you lost out on their lies. Then I could play for them to move the line and go out for a fancy meal.


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