Awesome New Look

For a few weeks, a shakeup for the blog has been in the works. While I have absolutely no real skills when it comes to making things visually pleasing, I apparently know people who do. With a little input and a lot of patience on my part, my want of something more personalized for this blog came to life.

While all the really pretty things were being done, I started focusing on the coding for all the small tweaks. Of course, my experience with css is non-existent. Thankfully, I retained a little knowledge from when I learned html in high school and a lot of it is relatively similar. If nothing else I got pretty good at reading the original code to figure out what to change. Plus, whenever I failed the wordpress forum was actually really freaking helpful on coding.

Needless to say, it’s a good thing I REALLY LOVE the look now because I’m never changing it. I figure, give me another five minutes and every ounce of css I learned will trickle out again. Although, it was fun to channel my inner geek.

Anyways, I hope everyone else likes the look because I love it. A billion thanks for the awesome header and background.

So, there you go, pretty new look. YAY!

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