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Getting it Together: Daily Chores- Evening & Weekly

GITWeek3This week I am focusing on adding to my little routine with some evening & weekly chores.

Getting It Together Week 3: Daily Chores- Evening & Weekly

So, last week I discussed morning chores. How did everyone do? I did so/so. I have a feeling this week will be better. Now that we’ve discussed doing a little bit of stuff in the morning, let’s discuss a evening routine. I’m going to warn you now, this list is going to look long, but that’s mostly because it is detailed and includes things that you have to do anyways that no one ever mentions.


Cook Dinner – very important and should be on all daily chore lists assuming you cook at home. This is a legit chore! Also, try to clean the kitchen as you go, makes the job easier
Sweep kitchen – probably more of an every other day chore, or as necessary but considering it is such a high traffic area with little food bits, very necessary.
Fill Dishwasher & Run
Wipe Kitchen Counters and Table down
Dry, Fold & Put Away Laundry – I struggle with this. Drying it is fine, but then it sits in a basket. Which is ridiculous because if I’d just go ahead and deal with it this only takes 5 minutes! Plus, I can do it while watching TV
Wipe Down Bathroom Counter – takes a second and could do while brushing my teeth since that is supposed to take 2 minutes
15 Minute Tidy around the house
Weekly Chore*

That list does look long, but think about how quickly most of those tasks can be done if actually done every day. Maintenance is a whole lot quicker than start to finish cleaning!

Also, one thing that all chore lists have that I fully agree with is doing a bigger cleaning task every day that only needs to be done on a weekly basis. That is what the Weekly Chore is. The weekly chores Joseph and I need to do every week is a short list so we will have days that we might not have to do anything extra, or I can use those days to de-clutter or organize (yay for nesting!).

Weekly Chores:

Sweep & Mop – this includes sweeping the bathroom and laundry room as well as mopping them, the kitchen and the main floors as necessary.
Dust & Vacuum – including our bedroom (which might be more than a weekly task), the stairs and upstairs (which get less traffic and at this time would probably be once a week AT MOST)
Toilets, Tubs, Showers & Mirrors
Clean out the Cars/Wash Cars – a task we fail at but we need to be better at.

And now something super fun, the daily chores in a fun printable!

 Daily Cleaning List Daily Cleaning List

 So, share time. Do you have an evening routine? Are you the type who has to have a clean sink to go to bed? What helps your house feel more put together in the evening?

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Organization: Shoes Purge

On Monday, in my follow up to Getting it Together I discussed one of my ideas for organizing and just helping me feel less stressed. Although I know it goes against all the female stereotypes, I decided to get rid of the vast majority of my shoes. When it comes down to it, my wardrobe needs do not call for heels, and neither do my personal wants. Additionally, I’ve been holding on to all these other shoes on the off chance I ever want to wear them, when in reality that opportunity never actually came around. What can I say? I am a simplistic shoe girl.

So, here are the before pictures.

Before 1 Before 2Before 3Before 4So, there are a couple of important things to note.

1. Those are two separate shoe racks.

2. Shoes pictured are mostly the shoes I do not actually wear. Those were scattered around the house since they had no room on the shoe racks to live.

3. Those pictures do not include all my shoes!

After a very quick de-cluttering session, this was the result

RejectsThe picture does not do the pile of shoes justice.

But in the end, after collecting all the shoes I do wear, I was left with a nice organized shoe rack. This rack is now filled with shoes I actually like and want to wear, they make my feet happy… and there is a little room for some cute sandals (which I figure I’ll be living in this summer considering I’ll be carting around a watermelon in my stomach).

AfterTotal count: 2 pairs of black heels, one opened toed and one closed; one pair of brown heels; 4 pairs of flats; a pair of brown and a pair of black boots; 4 pairs of converse, two grey and two pink but they are all different; a pair of athletic shoes (I have another pair somewhere… oh where are they?) and lastly flip flops and sandals. Just look at how much nicer and neater that looks. So clean and organized and I can already feel the stress from having too many shoes melting away.

And Joseph now gets the old shoe rack… Of course it won’t be big enough for all his shoes!


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Work it Wednesday: Fall Decorations

If I had to pick a favorite season, without a doubt I would have to pick fall. There is honestly nothing not awesome about fall, from the weather, the colors and the food. When fall hits, the scent of burning leaves hits the air, pumpkin is put in everything and it’s acceptable to start making chili again. Sweaters, boots and scarves are brought out and I no longer have to dread going outside in fear that I’ll start sweating right away.

Even though in Georgia September doesn’t automatically equal cooler weather, by 9/1 I’m embracing fall in every way possible. Baking commences, scarves start becoming a reality and I get to decorate my house for fall. Sadly, since I hated the last house we lived in so much, I didn’t invest in a lot of fall decorations, or really any. So, right now my fall decorations are still pretty sparse and I definitely plan to add more. However, these are the touches of fall currently decorating my house.

Let’s start at the front door. The little pumpkin in the bottom corner has a B (for Bragg, duh). The wreath, well, let’s take a closer look:

The wreath is a “me” original. Of course it has an owl on it! Tutorial to come soon. This was ridiculously easy and now I know how to make a NO SEW ruffle from ribbon.

This is the entry way table (actually a media table, but why follow rules). The leaf bowl is one of my favorite things, we got it from Home Goods. But look at that cute fall tree in the corner, closer look, hmm?

The tree also made by me. Perhaps a tutorial on that if anyone is interested? It is a perfect indoor, bad weather activity.

The pagoda shelf lives in our dining area. Last year I bought the glass of a hurricane lamp and I filled it with tiny pumpkins and pinecones.

Simple mantle with leaf garlands, an owl (ridiculous) and a orange pumpkin!

On one of our side table in the living room I had a little fall bouquet with a scarecrow sit. This was super cheap and easy to make with some fall flowers from Michaels.Last but not least, the pinestraw pumpkin that Target has for sale in their $1 section.

So that’s my house with it’s fall decor for now. Any suggestions on how to jazz it up? What do you have in your house to give it a hint of festivities?


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Work it Wednesday: Office Before & After

Some of you may recall when I shared that my bff was expecting a baby and that Joseph and I had made a wager on what the gender would end up being. Because she is having a girl, I won and we got to redecorate the spare bedroom into an office. Going into this redecoration I had a pretty clear vision, of which I started a pinterest board for.

I knew I wanted the walls to be more of a neutral blank canvas sort of color because I wanted to add lots of colors with my decorations. I also knew I wanted a massive desk. After all this isn’t just for office/writing but also for room to craft. Let’s face it, when I craft, I craft well.

First, some before pictures.

Excuse the mess! Ever since we’ve moved into the house, the office has been the catchall for any documents that we needed to keep but had NO Place to keep them as well as various craft stuff and really anything Joseph stashed up there while cleaning. The walls are your standard builder beige color and the poor window is so stark. The furniture in the room is a mish mash of what we had in the old house and nothing went together or matched. The wooden desk was built for me by my grandfather when I was younger and totally amazing, just so you know. And, for the record, I have NO CLUE why we have a cane!

Now a fun during picture of building massive desk. We screwed the wood into the bookcases for stability and support before screwing on the top.

Finally, onto the fun *after* pictures

We painted the walls Manhattan Mist by Behr. It’s a light and pretty grey that would go with pretty much ANY bright color I wanted to add to my office.

The lamp is a paper lantern base from Ikea ($5) with circles of Harry Potter pages I cut out and glued to it. The window valance I made myself from fabric from fabric.com and no sew, iron on hem tape. I’m really freaking proud of it. I knew I wanted a chevron pattern in my office and this was the most gorgeous blue color.

These are pictures of the left and right side of the MASSIVE desk. The bookcases that we are using as legs are from ikea ($39.99 each) and they were the perfect height. Most of the cube bookcases are 9×9 and 36 inches high. These are 4×4 and 31 inches high, which is a much more reasonable height for a normal desk. The top of the desk is MDF board we got pre-cut at Home Depot and I painted dark silver with an oops can of metallic Martha Stewart paint. All the storage boxes are also from Ikea and fit perfectly into the cube holes.

Some thing else I had really wanted for my office was an organizational bulletin board wall. On the left is a canvas print from Bed, Bath & Beyond that I got with a 20% off coupon. In the little alcove to the right are magnetic bulletin boards and a corkboard as well as a ribbon picture board (what are those really called?) The magnetic board came from Office Max and were FAR less expensive then their whole easy assembly systems. Plus, they are super easy to stick up to the wall and colorful.

This is the right side of the desk where all the craft stuff is kept. The cups and bar are from Ikea (surprising, right?). They are holding various crafty things I had shoved in a big black craft suitcase thing. I also have a whole bunch of scissors with different shaped blades that I collected in a pretty purple box with a sequin top that doesn’t detatch. The clock is currently not working, mostly because while fixing it, Joseph might have broken it more, oops! The picture on the bottom right of the picture is actually by John Bohannon, who takes amazing photographs.

And in proof of my never ending love of desk supplies, we had to get a new organizer. This is something Joseph let me spend far too much money on. It’s from Staples and is Martha Stewart, all the pieces fit together so you can make your perfect desk organizer. I got some colorful paperclips, push pins and post it notes. The rest is all craft stuff I had laying around the house. On the right, I used some left over fabric from my window valance to decorate my pencil cup. On the right is a index card/pencil holder Joseph made when he was younger. He painted it a mint green to match the ridiculous colorfulness of my office and bought me some colorful index cards to go in it. Notice there is also a propel peeking out, you know I’m addicted.

So, that is my glorious office. Which, Joseph has gotten to actually work in before me. But I’ve spent plenty of time in there writing, crafting my Harry Potter Lamp and setting everything up. I have more plans for some wall art but this is more than enough for now. I hope everyone loved my office as much as I do!

Also, I want to wish my sister a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For two days we were twinnies, but today she turned 26! What an old Lady she is!

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Work it Wednesday: Building a Bed

A week or so ago, Joseph and I bought a new and fantastic mattress. We got a tempurpedic. I don’t believe I have ever had a new mattress, and definitely not as a real adult and Joseph’s mattress had lived through several drunk nights. Our current mattress was a hand me down from a co-worker when she and her husband upgrade to a king. This had enabled Joseph and I to upgrade from his crappy full to a queen, but it was still well used and on it’s last leg.

We were actually on a date when we decided to go into mattress firm and within minutes we were sold. Laying on the mattress was like sinking into heaven. So far though, we’ve only run into one problem. The new mattress and base was too big for our headboard! While the headboard needed some TLC to begin with, the mattress caused us to not be able to open the cubbies.

As you can see, the headboard is so short the decorative pillows are too tall for it! It made our bed look stumpy. Worst of all, even though the new mattress helped alleviate a lot of the squeaking, it still squeaked!

So, Sunday we headed to Ikea. We had actually gone to get a $5 lamp but that store just sucks you in. I mean, it doesn’t help that you have to walk through all the show rooms. I even tried to power walk through some of them since we were only there for a lamp. We get to the bedroom set ups and Joseph slows down. Then we start a second walk through of the bedrooms. We checked out all the beds, once, twice and a third time.

“Alright, if it will fit in the car, perhaps we can get one,” I told Joseph as I eyed the one he wanted to buy.

He had a hopeful look on his face, “Oh, I’ll make it fit.”

So, after a long wait in line and a cramped ride home (and a quick second trip when we realized a mile away from the store we forgot the support beam), we had a bunch of pieces to put together to build a bed frame. It took us a couple of hours of patient team work as we followed the picture instructions.

I’m not going to lie, I think it looks pretty awesome. Not a single squeak, creak or other noise is made when we get into bed. If only our sheets weren’t so bad. The one downside to this bed was that it blocked off part of the lettering to my saying, so it had to come down. 😦 But now it has me rethinking the whole decor above our bed and maybe I’ll move to a print or a canvas.

(BTW, the comforter is Damask Stripe in Black. It is ridiculously heavy and warm and I highly recommend it to everyone.)

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Best Friends, A Baby & a Home Office

This weekend I attended my first Gender Reveal Party. My best friend, Sarah, is pregnant with the last child she plans to birth and decided this time to have some fun. And, let me tell you that when she wants to be, she can be quite evil.

I went to a cigar store, the man behind the counter asked me, “What kind of cigars do you like?” I answered, “It’saBoys.”- Mitch Hedberg

So, on the way to this party, Joseph and I make a wager. If it’s a boy, like he guesses it will be we will fix up the man cave, but if it’s a girl like I’m hoping we will fix up my office. I really didn’t want to make this wager, I’m not the best loser when I actually care about the prize, but he seemed excited about it, so I went along with it.

So we go to this party and everyone is trying to get her to slip up and reveal the gender of the baby. She did an annoyingly good job of not slipping up. The plan was to reveal the gender by cutting a cake with either pink frosting for a girl or blue frosting for a boy, but first we had to eat dinner. I think everyone there wanted to just skip straight to dessert.

So, everyone eats dinner, although I’m sure there are a few people who really didn’t taste it as they tried to finish as quickly as possible. It was finally cake time. They get it out, everyone’s trying to see if there is even a HINT of pink or blue showing but to no avail. Each of her son’s is handed a butter knife and they cut a wedge into it…

And the crowd goes wild (Literally) when pink frosting appears, myself included. I cannot put into words how excited I am for my best friend, her husband and her family. She started with kids a little early, before I truly understood how amazing being a parent is (and let’s face it, I have no kids, so now I just understand it by proxy). So, when she was pregnant before it was all “Oh, yeah, baby… Have fun pushing that thing out.” Now that I get it a little more, it hits me a lot more personally. To say I’m ecstatic and excited for her is an understatement.

And, of course, now I get my office. Needless to say, the bestest is never one to disappoint! So that also helps a bit with the excitement and happiness. I’m not so sure Joseph had a clue to how much I wanted an office or how much thought I had put into it. So, expect to see these ideas come to life in my house and on my blog as I get to started on them.

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1 Year House Anniversary

Today marks the anniversary of my becoming a home owner. Although Joseph owned a house, it could never feel quite like home or like it was mine. Pure and simple, it was a bachelor pad. The kitchen was tiny and not very functional, the bathroom was supremely outdated and the house had major flaws that would keep it from being an easy sell. Mostly though, I had gotten no say in the matter and was living there by default since Joseph owned it and we got married.

Through and through, that house was Joseph’s. From the Brave’s colored office to the mix and match furniture it was everything male and bachelor. I had a hard time appreciating the house as any place other than a place to keep my belongings and return to every day. I can’t fault him for buying that house because it fulfilled his needs to a T. That doesn’t mean I had to embrace living in his house.

The biggest problem really was that, although the house was Joseph, it wasn’t very me. On my list of house must-haves, not a single box was marked off. However, it wasn’t until I lived in that house that I really came to realize not only what I wanted in a house, but what I didn’t want.

When 2011 started, I told Joseph “We can save up enough money to have a new house by my birthday.” He was skeptical, but supportive of me working the budget to save up for the down payment and all the odds and ends you end up having to pay at closing. Although he loved his house, he was also ready to have a home with me. Even before we had the down payment, a good idea of what we could spend monthly or even a realtor, he loved to look at houses online or drive around looking for “For Sale” signs and getting the free information.

As our savings grew, we discussed our must have lists. They were vastly different, neither of us really caring about the things the other found important. Joseph wanted a large yard, space for a man cave and relative privacy. I wanted a huge kitchen, more than one bathroom and a basement so I wouldn’t die in future tornadoes (phobia).

It was April when we started working with a realtor. I have to say, the house hunt is both exhilarating and disappointing. When you’re serious about buying, the thrill of looking at houses quickly wears on you when all you want is to just find THE HOUSE. During our first trip out we found an amazing house to put an offer in for. It was a house that was clearly worth more than what the realtor was asking and, of course, it wasn’t accepted and the house ended up selling for far more than our budget.

It was also on our first trip that our realtor took us to the neighborhood where we eventually bought our house at. Practically the whole neighborhood was foreclosed on and being sold by the same person. We looked at every house for sale except for the green one that was technically part of the neighborhood but on the main road and not in the neighborhood. There was a practically perfect house in the middle of a cul-de-sac, but there was no basement.

I debated whether I could live without a basement. I threw out the (genius) idea of putting a trapdoor from the coat closet to the standing crawlspace beneath it, but eventually decided I had to have a basement. Per our realtor only two houses for sale in the development had a basement, so we went to check them out. The first one was still being built, it was the only house still being built and although it had a long way to go, I already knew the kitchen would not be up to par with what I wanted.

The second one was the green house that we didn’t look at during the first pass through the neighborhood. This time we went in, walked around and fell in love. The kitchen was large with tons of counter space, tons of cabinet space and a dishwasher; a luxury Joe’s kitchen was without. A full basement ran the length of the house, perfect tornado hiding space and plenty of room for Joseph to man out. 2 bathrooms, laundry and master on main, three, relatively large rooms upstairs. An open floor plan so that you don’t feel cut off if you’re cooking dinner. A ½ acre lot with woods past the backyard, giving it some privacy from the neighborhood behind it and massive curb appeal sealed the deal.

To think, this perfect house was almost ignored by us simply because it wasn’t in the neighborhood. Seriously, let’s be honest, I’m not that friendly. Why did I have to live in a neighborhood anyways.

This was the house, we both knew it. We put in an offer and waited. The offer was accepted, we scheduled closing and I sent in practically every document that had ever had my name on it. We waited and waited and waited. Joseph and I would visit the house and break in and walk around, dreaming of what we would do in each room. We’d get dinner and eat on the front porch, pretending we lived in the green house.

We almost didn’t close on 6/24/11. There was a problem with getting someone from the seller to the closing to sign. They contacted me by email to see if we could move the closing to the Wednesday after. Who wants to close on a Wednesday.

Before I had a chance to reply my realtor was on the phone: You’re closing on Friday or I’ll eat my own poo.

I would have held him to it too.

Thankfully for him, we closed right on time. My paperwork was some of the cleanest and in order they’ve ever seen. I signed my name like a champ and got us out of there quickly. I spent the most amount of money I had ever had in the bank with the exception of an inheritance and I didn’t regret a minute of it.

There are so many differences from living in this house compared to Joseph’s. This house is OUR home through and through. We have put so much work in it, together; from paint to building furniture. A year out from buying it, I’m still just as happy about this purchase. I still come home in wonder that we have such an amazing house, such a perfect for us house. Not everyone would love this house, some people like one story ranches, houses closer to the interstate, bigger, smaller, more bathrooms, but with the exception of my parent’s house and my grandmother’s house, I’ve never felt so at home.

Here’s to, hopefully, 29 more awesome years paying for this house.

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