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Getting it Together: Daily Chores- Evening & Weekly

GITWeek3This week I am focusing on adding to my little routine with some evening & weekly chores.

Getting It Together Week 3: Daily Chores- Evening & Weekly

So, last week I discussed morning chores. How did everyone do? I did so/so. I have a feeling this week will be better. Now that we’ve discussed doing a little bit of stuff in the morning, let’s discuss a evening routine. I’m going to warn you now, this list is going to look long, but that’s mostly because it is detailed and includes things that you have to do anyways that no one ever mentions.


Cook Dinner – very important and should be on all daily chore lists assuming you cook at home. This is a legit chore! Also, try to clean the kitchen as you go, makes the job easier
Sweep kitchen – probably more of an every other day chore, or as necessary but considering it is such a high traffic area with little food bits, very necessary.
Fill Dishwasher & Run
Wipe Kitchen Counters and Table down
Dry, Fold & Put Away Laundry – I struggle with this. Drying it is fine, but then it sits in a basket. Which is ridiculous because if I’d just go ahead and deal with it this only takes 5 minutes! Plus, I can do it while watching TV
Wipe Down Bathroom Counter – takes a second and could do while brushing my teeth since that is supposed to take 2 minutes
15 Minute Tidy around the house
Weekly Chore*

That list does look long, but think about how quickly most of those tasks can be done if actually done every day. Maintenance is a whole lot quicker than start to finish cleaning!

Also, one thing that all chore lists have that I fully agree with is doing a bigger cleaning task every day that only needs to be done on a weekly basis. That is what the Weekly Chore is. The weekly chores Joseph and I need to do every week is a short list so we will have days that we might not have to do anything extra, or I can use those days to de-clutter or organize (yay for nesting!).

Weekly Chores:

Sweep & Mop – this includes sweeping the bathroom and laundry room as well as mopping them, the kitchen and the main floors as necessary.
Dust & Vacuum – including our bedroom (which might be more than a weekly task), the stairs and upstairs (which get less traffic and at this time would probably be once a week AT MOST)
Toilets, Tubs, Showers & Mirrors
Clean out the Cars/Wash Cars – a task we fail at but we need to be better at.

And now something super fun, the daily chores in a fun printable!

 Daily Cleaning List Daily Cleaning List

 So, share time. Do you have an evening routine? Are you the type who has to have a clean sink to go to bed? What helps your house feel more put together in the evening?

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Green Cleaning

So I have a confession guys. Ever since getting pregnant, and especially since nesting has set in, I’ve turned into a green hippy. I want to eat more organics (which is hard considering where I live), I want to recycle and also I want to use more clean, green homemade cleaners.

I went and rounded up all the cleaners in my house, not including laundry and dishwashing detergents and this is what I found.


Ya’ll, that is ridiculous. Some of the warnings of those things are scary… Like the antibacterial wipes that are a hazard to humans and animals. WHAT? Then why are they sold?

To be honest though, making my own homemade cleaning agents is something I’ve been interested in for a long time. After a ton of research and deciding exactly what I need to replace (because we all know I don’t need that many different cleaners) I made a list of what I wanted to make and went about finding the information.

For one thing, I knew I didn’t want to have a bunch of things I’d have to make up each time I wanted to clean. A lot of recipes are one time use sort of things and I knew that would never work for me. I’m lazy. If I can’t make up a batch, the chances of this happening are nil. Another thing is I wanted things that were easy to make but still gave a really good clean.

So, I rounded up my ingredients:
White Distilled Vinegar
Castile Soap
Natural Dish Soap
Tea Tree Oil
Lemon Oil
Hydrogen Peroxide
Baking Soda


When it is all said and done, I decided to make the following cleaners:

Multi-Purpose Spray – to be used in the kitchen, bathroom, quick spill clean up, etc
Dusting Spray – pretty self explanatory
Shower Spray – great for tubs, showers, sinks
Glass Spray – for mirrors and windows (Half water/Half White Distilled Vinegar)
Disinfecting Wipes – for bathroom sink and other quick clean ups


The toilet cleaner looks to be the only thing I’ll have to mix up when I want to use it and that’s because it is a mixture of vinegar and baking soda and clearly that can’t be pre-mixed because the reaction is part of what does the cleaning.

Now, I’ve only just made these up, and I’ve not really tested them out but I’m hopeful that since I’m using someone else’s tried and true recipes that they will work out.

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Getting it Together: Daily Chores -Morning


This week we are going to focus on morning daily chores, the problems behind them and the solution to conquering them.

Getting It Together Week 2: Daily Chores- Morning

Alright peeps, let’s discuss the major flaws I’ve found in daily chore lists floating around the internet and on pinterest.

Here is an example of a typical chore chart that I’ve found around pinterest. It actually has less listed than most chore charts and really I don’t think it is horrible, but it suffers from the two flaws we are going to discuss.

Flaw 1: These charts are made by women and for women with the assumption that a woman is going to come across this and feel the need to do all of this herself every day.

Flaw 2: They never involve food prep, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And as much as a person may love cooking (like I do), it is still a chore. Cooking is a chore that not only creates a mess that has to be cleaned up, but a chore that takes time. It can be exhausting to do at the end of the day and to not include it in a chore list seems ridiculous.

Now, I don’t think everyone needs a daily chore list but for people like me, having a list is helpful. I feel a little bit of success every time I can cross off a task. I also don’t subscribe to this belief that I should do all the cleaning because I’m a lady. Thankfully, neither does Joseph.

Anyways, for the past few days I’ve been putting real thought into what sort of tasks I think needs to be done around the house daily. I don’t want this long list of chores because I get very easily overwhelmed and that only leads to failure. Instead I wanted a list of things that Joseph and I could complete every day that wouldn’t take too long but would enhance our life at home. Additionally, since I’m wanting to add these tasks slowly, this week we are just going to focus on the Morning routine!


Make Bed –I don’t care about it, but it apparently does make Joseph happier. When we do this together it takes us like 2 minutes tops and since it is important to Joseph it goes on the list.
Make Breakfast
Pack Lunches
Empty Dishwasher & Refill with any dirty dishes – typically the only dirty dishes at this point are from breakfast or packing lunch. It takes a minute to do but helps me not feel so overwhelmed.
Put clothes in washer


Do you have a morning routine? What tasks do you complete in the morning that help your house stay organized? Do you do it alone or does your significant other pitch in with or without being asked?

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Organization: Shoes Purge

On Monday, in my follow up to Getting it Together I discussed one of my ideas for organizing and just helping me feel less stressed. Although I know it goes against all the female stereotypes, I decided to get rid of the vast majority of my shoes. When it comes down to it, my wardrobe needs do not call for heels, and neither do my personal wants. Additionally, I’ve been holding on to all these other shoes on the off chance I ever want to wear them, when in reality that opportunity never actually came around. What can I say? I am a simplistic shoe girl.

So, here are the before pictures.

Before 1 Before 2Before 3Before 4So, there are a couple of important things to note.

1. Those are two separate shoe racks.

2. Shoes pictured are mostly the shoes I do not actually wear. Those were scattered around the house since they had no room on the shoe racks to live.

3. Those pictures do not include all my shoes!

After a very quick de-cluttering session, this was the result

RejectsThe picture does not do the pile of shoes justice.

But in the end, after collecting all the shoes I do wear, I was left with a nice organized shoe rack. This rack is now filled with shoes I actually like and want to wear, they make my feet happy… and there is a little room for some cute sandals (which I figure I’ll be living in this summer considering I’ll be carting around a watermelon in my stomach).

AfterTotal count: 2 pairs of black heels, one opened toed and one closed; one pair of brown heels; 4 pairs of flats; a pair of brown and a pair of black boots; 4 pairs of converse, two grey and two pink but they are all different; a pair of athletic shoes (I have another pair somewhere… oh where are they?) and lastly flip flops and sandals. Just look at how much nicer and neater that looks. So clean and organized and I can already feel the stress from having too many shoes melting away.

And Joseph now gets the old shoe rack… Of course it won’t be big enough for all his shoes!


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