Getting it Together: Daily Chores -Morning


This week we are going to focus on morning daily chores, the problems behind them and the solution to conquering them.

Getting It Together Week 2: Daily Chores- Morning

Alright peeps, let’s discuss the major flaws I’ve found in daily chore lists floating around the internet and on pinterest.

Here is an example of a typical chore chart that I’ve found around pinterest. It actually has less listed than most chore charts and really I don’t think it is horrible, but it suffers from the two flaws we are going to discuss.

Flaw 1: These charts are made by women and for women with the assumption that a woman is going to come across this and feel the need to do all of this herself every day.

Flaw 2: They never involve food prep, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And as much as a person may love cooking (like I do), it is still a chore. Cooking is a chore that not only creates a mess that has to be cleaned up, but a chore that takes time. It can be exhausting to do at the end of the day and to not include it in a chore list seems ridiculous.

Now, I don’t think everyone needs a daily chore list but for people like me, having a list is helpful. I feel a little bit of success every time I can cross off a task. I also don’t subscribe to this belief that I should do all the cleaning because I’m a lady. Thankfully, neither does Joseph.

Anyways, for the past few days I’ve been putting real thought into what sort of tasks I think needs to be done around the house daily. I don’t want this long list of chores because I get very easily overwhelmed and that only leads to failure. Instead I wanted a list of things that Joseph and I could complete every day that wouldn’t take too long but would enhance our life at home. Additionally, since I’m wanting to add these tasks slowly, this week we are just going to focus on the Morning routine!


Make Bed –I don’t care about it, but it apparently does make Joseph happier. When we do this together it takes us like 2 minutes tops and since it is important to Joseph it goes on the list.
Make Breakfast
Pack Lunches
Empty Dishwasher & Refill with any dirty dishes – typically the only dirty dishes at this point are from breakfast or packing lunch. It takes a minute to do but helps me not feel so overwhelmed.
Put clothes in washer


Do you have a morning routine? What tasks do you complete in the morning that help your house stay organized? Do you do it alone or does your significant other pitch in with or without being asked?

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