Getting it Together: Meal Plans and Grocery Shopping


As previously discussed here and here, I want to work on getting my life more together. I’m doing some self improvement before baby arrives and before it all has time to fall apart again. I’ve decided to do this by working on one area at a time so I don’t get super overwhelmed until I can juggle a few tasks at once instead of failing extraordinarily at all of them at once.

Getting it Together Week 1: Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

So, last week I made a pact with myself to go grocery shopping and stick to the menu plan. Ever since our cruise, but honestly even before that, I had really been struggling with sticking to a meal plan and actually going to the grocery store. And, I know for me at least, the first way to feel more put together and organized is to not have to wonder what is for dinner every night, and also avoid constantly eating fast food or ordering pizza.

So Thursday, with a little help from emeals, I went grocery shopping with a meal plan in place. All week, even when it was inconvenient, we stuck to that meal plan. For the first time ever, every single meal was cooked and nothing went to waste. And it was nice to know what we were having and being able to eat at a normal time.

Monday, we’ll discuss the plan for week 2. I’m excited about it!

So, how do you meal plan and cook dinner every night? Do you have a set meal plan for breakfast and lunch as well? Any tips or secrets for saving money grocery shopping? Not letting food go to waste? Suggestions for quick 30 minutes or less meals?

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