Organization: Shoes Purge

On Monday, in my follow up to Getting it Together I discussed one of my ideas for organizing and just helping me feel less stressed. Although I know it goes against all the female stereotypes, I decided to get rid of the vast majority of my shoes. When it comes down to it, my wardrobe needs do not call for heels, and neither do my personal wants. Additionally, I’ve been holding on to all these other shoes on the off chance I ever want to wear them, when in reality that opportunity never actually came around. What can I say? I am a simplistic shoe girl.

So, here are the before pictures.

Before 1 Before 2Before 3Before 4So, there are a couple of important things to note.

1. Those are two separate shoe racks.

2. Shoes pictured are mostly the shoes I do not actually wear. Those were scattered around the house since they had no room on the shoe racks to live.

3. Those pictures do not include all my shoes!

After a very quick de-cluttering session, this was the result

RejectsThe picture does not do the pile of shoes justice.

But in the end, after collecting all the shoes I do wear, I was left with a nice organized shoe rack. This rack is now filled with shoes I actually like and want to wear, they make my feet happy… and there is a little room for some cute sandals (which I figure I’ll be living in this summer considering I’ll be carting around a watermelon in my stomach).

AfterTotal count: 2 pairs of black heels, one opened toed and one closed; one pair of brown heels; 4 pairs of flats; a pair of brown and a pair of black boots; 4 pairs of converse, two grey and two pink but they are all different; a pair of athletic shoes (I have another pair somewhere… oh where are they?) and lastly flip flops and sandals. Just look at how much nicer and neater that looks. So clean and organized and I can already feel the stress from having too many shoes melting away.

And Joseph now gets the old shoe rack… Of course it won’t be big enough for all his shoes!


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3 responses to “Organization: Shoes Purge

  1. imelda you are not. i am glad, though, that the pink converse made it thru the cut.

  2. I do not see your vibrams in the rack… and we all know (and by WE I mean ME) those are the most important

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