The Dresser Story

*This is a long one but there is a nursery sneak peak at the end!*

Joseph and I seem to have started this tradition where on Sunday’s we end up going on adventures. This past Sunday we went to Ikea to get a dresser for the nursery. However, since we were on an adventure we wandered the whole store, even the parts that had nothing to do with bedrooms.

Finally, we get down to the warehouse to get our dresser, we grab our big cart to carry our boxes off in, find the right aisle and run into a big empty bin. I stared at it for a few minutes, as if the dresser would magically materialize. The last time we were at Ikea we encountered the same problem but with our crib, surely this wasn’t the case. However, staring at the empty bin, magically, did not make the dresser appear. After a few minutes the crazy pregnant hormones took over and I started crying in the middle of Ikea.

*Proud moments*

Since we were in Atlanta and 6 miles from a Home Goods we decide to go by there. I didn’t expect to find a dresser but it is always a fun store to adventure in. As I expected, I didn’t find a dresser. However, Home Goods was right down the road from The Dump (a furniture store for those not in the know).

We head to The Dump and start wandering around. I’m not fully impressed because it is a lot of wood colored dressers and we are aiming for a white one. Then, the heavens parted and we found the cutest dresser. It was white, and precious. Joseph goes to find the sales woman, we tell her which one we want. We get to the computer and she looks it up… Not in stock, they don’t get another shipment for a month and the manager refuses to sell us the floor model.


We head to Babies R Us, just to see if they will have anything we might want. But that store had the tiniest furniture section and unless we were willing to drop $500 on a dresser, we were SOL. We did, however, stand in front of the mattress section for far too long trying to figure out which one to buy, in stereotypical, first time parents fashion. We decide on a mattress, Joseph looks it up on Amazon and it was $10 cheaper, so I was like cool, just order it from there. Out of Stock. “For ten dollars we are getting a mattress now!”

So we go home and I check Amazon, Target, Walmart, any place I can think of. I find a dresser I like on Amazon and check Target 1.5 star rating. I found one on Target that I liked enough, and was all set to order… Out of Stock.



Joseph, very smartly, suggests to me “Perhaps you should stop looking up dressers for a while.”

So for thirty minutes I gave his suggestion serious thought.

And then got on Craigslist. I found quite a few options, Joseph and I decided on our favorite, it had been posted just 30 minutes prior, we measure it out in the nursery and it is the perfect size. Joseph calls the number.


Now I have been hit with the nesting bug and I am like a dog with a bone. I want a dresser, I must find a dresser, but at every SINGLE turn I am disappointed. By numerous stores and outlets.

Joseph, on Monday decides that he is not content by this whole disconnected number issue and he takes another look at the ad. The number has now been changed, it was typed in a digit wrong and he calls the number. A voice picks up, the dresser is available. It is a Broyhill, it is under $200. We borrow Dad’s truck, go and look at it. It is pretty, and white; made of wood and pretty.

So we have a dresser because Joseph persevered. (And I think he was tired of me stressing over it)



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