Getting it together

Ever feel like some days you just don’t have it all together? That is me ever since we got back from our cruise. I have yet to go grocery shopping for real, we’ve eaten out far too much and the house needs a little TLC.

How do people get it together? Is this some sort of special gene they are given that I lack? I’ve never really felt “together”. Not in the sense that I can do all the housework, be organized, cook, run errands, look presentable, enjoy myself, do school, get a workout in, etc. In fact, it seems if I excel in one thing, I will fail in everything else.

How do you people, who have it together, do it? Does it come naturally? Did you work at it?

I really want to know.Β 


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3 responses to “Getting it together

  1. When I’m having a rough day, I like to go shopping on Amazon with somebody else’s account! Gets lots together quickly!

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