Five Things Friday

1. So I just finished re-reading The Hunger Games and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before my total girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence, so this link is always worth a giggle or two.

2. And because I’m in a quoting mood. I ran across this buzzfeed article for Daria quotes for every occasion. My teen years consisted of watching this tv show. I think we had similar tactics for playing volleyball.

3. So, I made this meal yesterday and it was OMG amazing. Of course I made a few changes, I used real bacon, not bacon bits; I cut my chicken into smaller pieces and I added ranch dressing mix.

4. So I’m still pregnant. I’ll be 16 weeks on Sunday and we got to hear the heartbeat this past Monday! Those are all exciting and good things for me. In a few weeks, we will also be finding out the gender! πŸ™‚ What do you all think? Boy or girl?

5. So my brother in law, Stephen, who owns the crossfit gym, Cross Fit Boiler Room, in Villa Rica hit a BIG goal this week. Those of you who aren’t in the cross fit know may or may not know what a muscle up is. To me, it is this ridiculous exercise that doesn’t even make sense in how you do it, like AT ALL. And Stephen got his first! (Of course he picks a night I’m NOT there to see it, LAME!)

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