Alright guys, I’m about to take a stance on something here. Not everyone may agree with me, but that’s fine. This is my blog and I can do what I want after all… just kidding, really differing opinions are okay, good even.

Women, as a generalization, want to be romanced. Time and again the thing I see women complain about most is not being romanced. In the long run, we’re not asking for much, it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Budget romance is okay.

But when we ask for romance, what we are asking for is really:




We want you to spend time thinking about us

We want you to consider our likes and dislikes and not just offer up the same old same old.

We want you to put in effort so that we know we’re worth your effort.

Mostly though, we don’t want to have to tell you we want to be romanced.  I know, I know, guys aren’t mind-readers and it isn’t fair to expect them to be. So I’m letting you know, this is probably what the woman in your life wants but saying “hey romance me” makes it less special.

We want to be surprised by a bouquet of flowers, a surprise lunch date, a card on our pillow, having dinner made for us or being whisked off to dinner when we don’t have to decide the place, sweep the kitchen floor so we don’t have too…

Heck the last peanut butter cup in our lunch bag is awesome under the right circumstances.

So, this is me, telling your right now to romance your lady today. The possible rewards from having a wife (or girlfriend, I’m an equal relationship opportunist) that feels thought of, loved and like she’s worth the effort are endless.



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7 responses to “Romance

  1. Nikki F

    So I think you’ve found your calling. You should travel the world holding romance seminars for men.

  2. Terry

    And women have been telling men this FOREVER! I just don’t understand how they can fight for our country, run multi-billion dollar organizations, and yes, be elected into the oval office, and not get this simple fact: having dinner and wine then slow dancing under the stars is so much more romantic than any expensive gift money could buy. In fact, men, you really can’t buy romance. It comes from the

  3. Amber

    Completely agree, it’s the little things that make the difference.

  4. Shawn

    Completely agree! The little things make all the difference.

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