Student Discount, Yes Please!

So, according to my friend Larry there is some news I’ve not shared with you fine, wonderful people. (I swear I’ve mentioned it in passing at least!!)

It’s been over four years since I’ve been in school, but as of 10/2, I’m a college gal, again.

I’m doing online classes through the same school I previously attended. The format they use is one that I enjoy a great deal because I only have to focus on one class at a time but class turnaround is quick. Every 5 weeks I complete a class. Considering my favorite part of homeschooling was finishing schoolwork as quickly as possible, this makes me happy.

Typically, there is a lot of writing in these classes. The class I’m currently in consists of a 3 page paper, an 8 page paper and multiple discussion postings with a minimum length of 250 words.

The good news is that not only do I love writing, but I’m actually majoring in English. I mean, yeah, during the day I do accounting and that won’t really further that career at all but who needs those pesky details?

According to my student account, I have an estimated graduation date of 11/4/14, which is just over 2 years from now. Until then, I’ll be bogged down with classes, lots of writing and possibly learning the difference between then and than. (My mother can only hope.)

Basically in two years I’ll be a certified smartie!

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