Listen when
All of this around us’ll fall over
I tell you what we’re gonna do
You will shelter me, my love
And I will shelter you
I will shelter you

Thanks to Joseph, my blog hasn’t been totally silent this week. I’ve felt so unbelievable overwhelmed lately. Last week was a bundle of stress for numerous reasons, all week long. For the past two weeks I’ve felt the pressure on figuring out how to fit school work into my life and still be present in my life. Cooking, cleaning (hah), Joseph time, school work and blogging are all things I’m trying to fit into a few hours each night after I get home and before I go to sleep and it’s a lot to try and fit in, especially when I’m tired and just want to sit down.

On top of that I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff emotionally that is just hard to deal; snotty nose, fat tears, ugly face cry emotions. For the most part it has all just left me feeling so utterly exhausted and worn out. I want to just crawl in my bed, under my fabulous, heavy comforter and not emerge for a really long time.

I’m trying to keep up a happy face, because no one likes a downer but it’s exhausting. I’m exhausted. I’m not sure if Joseph knew until this weekend the true depth of everything I’m feeling and it was because I didn’t want to put that burden on him and the thought of talking about the things I’m feeling was SO Hard.

I’m thankful for Joseph. He is what every husband should be, a rock to cling to during the storm, a supporter, a provider. He has done more for me in the past few weeks then I would have ever asked, and he’s done it out of nothing but love for me. And I’m so thankful that when I’m having snotty nose, fat tear, ugly face cry that he doesn’t care if I get mascara on his shirt, or snot on him but that he’s there to hold me and tell me that I’m not a horrible person even if that’s how I feel.

I’m not sure what the point of this is, other than to say I’m still here but I’m just trying to figure stuff out.


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2 responses to “Shelter

  1. Denielle

    I’ve been there and totally understand. ❤

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