Comcast Xfinity a Follow Up

I’m sure a few of you might remember this entry where I talked about how disappointing my dealings with Comcast had been in just trying to get their service.

Comcast was very quick to reach out to us once I facebooked and twittered them (Social Media is where it’s at) and within a week they had contact Joseph, taken a look at our account and agreed that they were being ridiculous and they would pay to move the line. (Okay, so maybe they didn’t agree they were being ridiculous but since they agreed to pay to move the line, it’s inferred)

The Friday after I posted this we were told it would take 4-6 weeks before they could get all the permits, move the line and we’d be able to get service. Now, it’s evident that they were a little (lot) off on their eta and to be honest, when we called to follow up, they hadn’t even processed the order because once again someone dropped the ball.
However, I will give props where props are due and right now I’m connected to Comcast’s high speed cable internet (which is so much better than AT&T) and I’m watching actual cable tv.

So, in the end, even though it took forever, we do have service. They did finally give us the service they promised and really that’s all I asked for.

So props to you Comcast. I’m excited to have Xfinity. I hope this is the last time I have to write about you.

And thanks to Sharyl, she kept me from being super pissed off when the first agent wouldn’t give us our free showtime. But because she rocked, she fixed our account.

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