Running & Music

I would hope that when people describe me it would be mainly that I’m a happy person. For the most part I do try to put out a happy and cheery face. I mean, compared to most, my life isn’t bad so I’d rather try and cheer someone up by having a positive attitude than be negative.

But, running is a different matter all together, especially after hurting my ankle. I feel like for that period of time where I had to rest my ankle and baby it that I lost so much of what I had been working for. Going back to running, I had to start at square one and it was so demotivating for me. Even worse, for the first time in as long as I could remember, my right calf just felt weak. This was especially hard for me because I’ve danced for years, leg strength has really never been an issue for me.

For too many months I’ve allowed myself to wallow in my non-running status. Instead I’ve turned my focus to crossfit, which is amazing. But running clears my mind and allows me to think like nothing else. My morning showers come as a close second for great times to think.

Running gives me something to work towards, it lets me beat my own per-conceptions over and over again as I run just a little bit faster or harder than the day before. Even though I’m starting over from square one, it’s enough today because at least I did it. Even when my leg was so tired it was burning, I did it.

When I run I listen to Eminem. His anger and aggression pushes me on like nothing else. It amps me up. Perhaps its because, for the most part, I’m not typically an angry person (unless I’m dealing with customer service, which doesn’t count) and even when I am angry, I hold back a lot. But all his anger, aggression, offensive lyrics; they work to push my feet on just a little bit more. It worked when I was running longer and longer than I had ever run before and it will work now that I’m back to building up my muscles.

What music pushes you harder physically?


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3 responses to “Running & Music

  1. Beyonce always gets me going! Firstly, I think she has a rocking body for not having a super slim figure and secondly, I love her independence and it makes me feel like I can kick ass when I run.

  2. I generally need a lot of different artists, and I make a new running playlist as often as I discover music with the right BPM.

  3. Joseph

    It really depends on my feelings that day. sometimes Eminem does it for me. Yesterday was 5.1 miles of running and mainly country music by Mac Powell.

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