Five Things Friday

1. If you’re a Braves fan like I am, then you know tonight is a big deal. This could be Chipper Jones last game before he retires. But, who are we kidding? We are totally hoping it’s not!

2. I’ve finally agreed to run the Hot Chocolate 5k with Joseph in January. But when this is waiting to greet you at the finish line? How can you say no?

3. Because we all need a reason to feel superior, I present to you this link on 27 Reasons why a Billion People Should Not Be Allowed on Facebook.

4. This weekend my BFF gets to be showered with love for her soon to appear baby girl. Perhaps next week I’ll show off the invitations I made for the event.

*She looks way more pregnant now. Baby has to cook just a little while longer*

5. Oh and if you guys loved me, one of you would pay for me to go on this

Yes, that is for a Backstreet Boys Cruise.
There is no shame in my game.


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2 responses to “Five Things Friday

  1. Oh man, I would vote for Rice Krispies. I’ve never thought of dipping them in hot chocolate, but… it makes sense!

    • Sandra

      Nic, if you notice in the pic, you don’t just have hot chocolate to dip it in, they also give you melted chocolate for fondue.

      I’m doing this run for all the wrong reasons and it is going to taste so right.

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