Beach Trip

This past weekend Joseph and I went on a little adventure to our favorite vacation spot in Daytona. To celebrate leaving GA, Joseph did a little happy dance.

We had a lot of fun, going to our favorite places, eating some great food and generally spending a lot of time with the beach and each other. It was the perfect long weekend and such a blessing to get to spend time together.

Hello beautiful beach view

Yes, lots of ocean and sand, very few people

It’s sunny and we’re ready to hit the beach!

Some seagulls were fighting over this little guy. He ended up being dropped off into the water!

As usual we visited the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. This is the tallest lighthouse in Florida and has 203 steps to the top.

Yes, we climbed ALL OF THOSE

Totally worth it for THAT view.

We ate well too! Aunt Catfish is one of our favorite spots if for nothing else that lemonade. Perfect mix of lemon and sweet!

We visited the Daytona Beach Pier which Joseph had been wanting to visit for the past 3 or so years we’ve been visiting Daytona. Sadly until this trip it had been closed for renovations. However it finally opened with a Joe’s Crab shack in the middle of it. Which explains why we ate there while at the beach.

But we were super cute in our crab eating bibs!

Sadly all good things must come to an end and our beach days are now behind us.

It was a great trip and as usual it was a great way for me to rejuvenate and just help me get my head back to where it needs to be. I love the ocean and could just spend every day there and still find it to be so beautiful. I love seeing the blue of the ocean meet the blue of the sky and it makes me want to be surrounded on all sides by never ending blue.

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