Wreath Tutorial No Sew Ruffles with Ribbon

So, apparently sometimes I lie. I say this because I said it would be a couple of days before I blogged again but here I am, the very next day.

Bridge, this ones for you!

Materials you will need:

Foam Wreath
Wired Ribbon, a lot of it
Hot Glue Gun
Straight Pens
Embellishments (I used an owl, some fall leaves and a wooden B)
Ribbon to hang wreath

First, with your main ribbon, you’re going to wrap the foam wreath up as such.

Every few wraparounds, use a straight pen to hold the ribbon into place.

Now, the secret on how to get a ruffle with no sew. The trick is to have wired ribbon like so:

I did not cut my ribbon off the spool since I wasn’t sure how much I needed.
Then you want to take one end and start to pull it out

You can sort of see the wire pulled out on the top right.

Keep pulling and the ribbon will start bunching up and turns into a ruffle

Keep pulling and threading until your ruffle is long enough for your wreath. I did two layers or ribbon and secured them with straight pins.

Glue your embellishments on with hot glue.

For the ribbon I hot glued and pinned the ribbon on to make it extra secure.

And that’s how you make a fall wreath.

Have questions? Let me know, I’ll answer ’em!


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8 responses to “Wreath Tutorial No Sew Ruffles with Ribbon

  1. DId you wrap the ruffled ribbon around the foam like you did with the other ribbon? How much ribbon do you think you used?

  2. cool – i do believe that even i could do this
    thanks for sharing

  3. i tried to comment before but it doesnot seem to have taken (sorry for the duplictaion)
    i do believe even i could make one of these
    thanks for sharing

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