Top Ten Thursday- Favorite Internet Videos

Top Ten Favorite Internet Videos

(aka, this one is for you James)

You can ask my brother in law Stephen and he would tell you that typically, whenever mention of “check this out on youtube” is said, I get sort of disdainful. For the most part I have very little patience for watching clips. But, there are a few that crack me up. (Honestly, just be impressed if I can come up with 10 without 5 of them being Rhett and Link)

  1. Charlie the Unicorn

    Want to know what is better than watching Charlie the Unicorn? Having your adorable nieces and nephews quote it
  2. The End of the World (beware of language)

    If I ever type “ok so” in my head I’m pronouncing it like from the video.
  3. Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation

    Want to see me cry like a little girl? Watch me watch this video. It’s amazing
  4. Fast Food Folk Song by Rhett and Link

    This is probably my favorite Rhett and Link video, after all the Taco Bell employee actually gets their whole order right. Plus, who knew you could actually spend THAT MUCH at Taco Bell?
  5. Suicide Cat Runs Into a Wall

    Shortest and still one of the funniest videos on the net
  6. Epic Rap Battles (Another language warning)

    These guys are weird and entertaining all at the same time
  7. Edward & Bella A Bad Lip Reading

    Bad lip reading of a bad movie? Yes please!
  8. Call Me Maybe 2012 USA Olympic Swim Team

    Perhaps it’s just me, but they make that song enjoyable
  9. Bizkit the Sleepwalking, Barking Dog

    Why are animals so funny?
  10. Fast Food Lasagna – Epic Meal Time

    Disgusting looking as crap but amazing what these people think of (and then actually PUT in their bodies)

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