Work it Wednesday: Fall Decorations

If I had to pick a favorite season, without a doubt I would have to pick fall. There is honestly nothing not awesome about fall, from the weather, the colors and the food. When fall hits, the scent of burning leaves hits the air, pumpkin is put in everything and it’s acceptable to start making chili again. Sweaters, boots and scarves are brought out and I no longer have to dread going outside in fear that I’ll start sweating right away.

Even though in Georgia September doesn’t automatically equal cooler weather, by 9/1 I’m embracing fall in every way possible. Baking commences, scarves start becoming a reality and I get to decorate my house for fall. Sadly, since I hated the last house we lived in so much, I didn’t invest in a lot of fall decorations, or really any. So, right now my fall decorations are still pretty sparse and I definitely plan to add more. However, these are the touches of fall currently decorating my house.

Let’s start at the front door. The little pumpkin in the bottom corner has a B (for Bragg, duh). The wreath, well, let’s take a closer look:

The wreath is a “me” original. Of course it has an owl on it! Tutorial to come soon. This was ridiculously easy and now I know how to make a NO SEW ruffle from ribbon.

This is the entry way table (actually a media table, but why follow rules). The leaf bowl is one of my favorite things, we got it from Home Goods. But look at that cute fall tree in the corner, closer look, hmm?

The tree also made by me. Perhaps a tutorial on that if anyone is interested? It is a perfect indoor, bad weather activity.

The pagoda shelf lives in our dining area. Last year I bought the glass of a hurricane lamp and I filled it with tiny pumpkins and pinecones.

Simple mantle with leaf garlands, an owl (ridiculous) and a orange pumpkin!

On one of our side table in the living room I had a little fall bouquet with a scarecrow sit. This was super cheap and easy to make with some fall flowers from Michaels.Last but not least, the pinestraw pumpkin that Target has for sale in their $1 section.

So that’s my house with it’s fall decor for now. Any suggestions on how to jazz it up? What do you have in your house to give it a hint of festivities?


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2 responses to “Work it Wednesday: Fall Decorations

  1. I can’t wait for the wreath tutorial. I love it!

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