Menu Planning Monday

That title is such a lie. I’m not menu planning today. On the contrary, I already know what I’m having all week and it’s going to be glorious. But, let’s pretend I’m only just now considering what would be delicious for dinner. It’s rainy and starting to get chilly (you know, not in the 80’s constantly) so I know I want something warm and comforting this week. I also know I want to let Joseph cook some more. Hmmm, what should we have?

Totally Primal Chili (me)
Taco Spaghetti Squash Casserole with a side Salad (me)
Primal Chicken Nuggets with Sauteed Onions & Bell Peppers on the side and a Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce (Joseph)
Basil & Artichoke Heart Chicken Bake with Caesar Salad (me)
Bacon Wrapped Sirloin over a Fried Egg with sliced Pepper Jack Cheese & a side Salad (Joseph)

Breakfast will be composed of Oven Baked Bacon, or Chocolate Coconut Smoothies, or Deviled Eggs (if I get around to making them)
Snack Options will be Bananas, Cheese Sticks, Tossed Salads
Dessert Options: Dark Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate, Candy Corn Oreos (in moderation, of course)

So, what’s on the menu in your household for this week?

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