Thoughts on a Scale

It seems like the newest fad to sweep the internet health world is why you should step OFF the scale. I’ve read numerous posts around the internet on why people should stop weighing themselves, and why the scale doesn’t matter.

On one hand I can say that I sort of agree. But, in a more broad view, I have to say I wholeheartedly disagree.

It seems that more and more things I read, there is no room for compromise. Not only does someone have their distinct view set in stone, you are wrong if you disagree and some things I’ve read are written to demean a differing point of view.

In my opinion a scale is a useful measuring tool. There are a lot of people who get too obsessed with the number, to the point where it can control their mood for the day or how they view themselves and that is sad, because people are always so much more than a number. In that case, I agree, get off the scale and realize that if you are trying to do good for your body and being honest with yourself, you will see results.

But, at the same time, as someone who has battled with losing weight and continues to, I need to know my weight. I need to know if what I’m doing is working. I need to know if I’m eating too much even if it’s all lean proteins, healthy fats and leafy greens. And yes, as much as a boost as it is for me to lose inches, its a boost for me to see that number go down.

I guess what I’m saying is that in moderation, the scale is a great tool to use but it’s value shouldn’t be placed above or below any of the other ways you can measure weight loss success.

So, if you are weighing every day, perhaps you should get off the scale.
If you are a healthy weight but can’t be content with that because you’ve yet to reach some elusive perfect weight, get off the scale.
If you can’t look at that number without it determining your self worth, get off the scale.

But, if you can see that number for what it is, simply a different type of measurement to aid you in your health related goals, keep stepping on it from week to week, or every month to month. Because, turning the scale into this evil machine that determines your self worth is giving it more power then its worth. It isn’t the machine that shall not be named.

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