September 11th

11 years ago today, I was sitting in Minnesota, sitting in a hotel lobby, eating the free continental breakfast and watching what I thought was a movie. In reality it was live coverage of a second plane flying into the World Trade Center and understanding the true impact of what was happening was above my 14 year old brain. I had never even heard of the World Trade Center, had never been to New York.

What it meant for me, was that we wouldn’t be flying home that morning, just in time for school. Instead, we would drive the next few days with my grandparents, aunt, sister and mom from Minnesota to South Carolina before finally going home to Georgia. I remember my aunt being relived that her boys had flown out the night before and that they were safe at home.

For those days in the back of an SUV, I listened to my discman non-stop as my mind tried to understand what had happened. It wasn’t until I was older that I actually understood how devastating the whole day was, even for those who hadn’t lost someone. Sadly, I think the thing that really helped it hit home was watching the Real World season that was filmed during the attack. They brought in a TV so the cast could see what was happening and reliving that moment, those feelings and seeing how it effected other people hit me.

One day 9/11 is just going to be another day marked in history even though right now it still has so much emotion behind it for so many people.

However, this day isn’t all bad because today is when my awesome, beautiful, talented, amazing little niece, Malia, was born. She is a ray of sunshine with such a heart of love. Happy Birthday Malia. I love your soul!

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  1. Joseph

    To me… it’s a day I remember being in Canada with my Brother, Chad. Upon hearing about the first plane hitting I thought something was strange. I believe I actually laughed and said “Isn’t the World Trade Center those big buildings? How do you hit that thing? It’s not like it comes out of nowhere.” Then a few minutes later, and alert came that the second tower had been hit. I knew something wasn’t right, We told the company we were there for that we were going back to the Hotel. For there we watching coverage for hours…and hours… We cried and prayed and cried and then kind of zoned out. Finally, having seen too much (coverage was on every channel in the hotel with the exception of cartoon network), we went to the book store… and read books. Because our Company was trying to ship a computer server across Borders, it got held at customs. I flew back on 9/17, and Chad came back a couple days later… I will never forget!

    Honestly though, 9/11 now reminds me of Malia!!! She makes this day great! Also, my late aunt Jan… she was a 9/11 baby. You can always find the good in the bad. and while I’ll never forget what happened that day, I am also thankful for the people in my life that make this day great!

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