Girl’s Weekend Wrap Up

As I previously mentioned, I deserted Joseph for the weekend. The ladies of my mom’s church got a cabin up in Dillard, Ga and a good time was literally had by all. There was so much laughter and chatting and staying up late. I think I slept a total of 8 hours all weekend, which was a combination of not being able to sleep in a weird location and being around people who either stay up late or wake up early. I had so many carbs and SANGRIA!

The best part was that I got to spend so much time with two of my favorite women: My mom and my aunt!

First, I just want to say how proud I was of my packing skills. That pink/black/white bag has ALL my clothes in it. That’s a first

The cabin was in the woods on the side of a hill with a gorgeous view.

Saturday morning, we got up to a delightfully foggy morning. After breakfast and a message on why rest is so important to a Christian woman’s life, my mom, aunt and new friend Jessie went Geocaching.

Bragg’s recognize this?

The second Geocache we went to get was at a Mill that was closed for the weekend.

Before & AfterThe third Geocache, I apparently didn’t take a picture of. But I got pics of the things around it!

Then we went back and I dominated in Farkle THREE TIMES

And then it became night with one last gorgeous view.

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