Five Things Friday

  1. I’m deserting Joseph for the weekend and going on a girl’s trip with my mommy and aunty and other people. He has this long honey do list that he created on his own. It’s bad that I’m the one encouraging him to just buy beer and play video games!
  2. I’m particularly proud of myself for showing patience for once. There was this one dress from Old Navy that I had been lusting after, even before it was being sold since they had it on posters. However, they were selling it for $40 and it wasn’t worth that to me. So I waited for it to go on sale and it never did and then they all disappeared. This past Wednesday, found it clearance for $12.97. Victory is mine!
  3. Am I being ridiculous for being bothered by this?
    Because seriously, I never realized I wore my make up for the benefit of men. Especially since most men don’t actually know a naked/natural face from a made up face meant to look natural. But what this really says to me is: Once again ladies, you’re doing it wrong to please your man, because that is clearly all that matters. Shouldn’t a man find a woman most attractive when SHE feels the most confident regardless of what’s on her face? Maybe I’m just too tired of being told I should care what MEN think. Regardless, Rachel know’s where its at
  4. My coworker’s son, Nathan, entered a cooking challenge to try and win a day off of school. He used my chicken salad recipe as the basis for what he submitted. I’d totally love to taste his version of it! (When I get down there, I might need Chef Nathan to cook for me Karley!) Cross your fingers he wins because that would be totally stellar.  Apparently it was a HUGE HIT. I would expecting nothing less from a NGUYNER!

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  1. Cute dress! and what a steal!

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