Thursday Thoughts

  1. They’ve recently changed the lid on the propel bottle (and actually the whole bottle (and yes, I know this because I drink far too much propel)). I mention this because now, 75% of the time I need man hands to help me open it. I have no shame in asking for help either.
  2. Some of the things people search for and end up here, crack me up:
    “Kristen stewart” “weak arms” – Eminem
    images for angry people to become happy
    can I write about vampires if I’ve never read about them
    cleaning my room I’ve put this off for far too long
    I don’t want to be skinny quotes
    And my favorite: fashion blog sprained ankle. They were probably pretty disappointed by what they found if they were looking for fashion.
  3. I freaking love alliteration. There is just something so pleasing to my ear about it.
  4. Oh, and I’m pretty sure my love for Ron Weasley will never go away. #geekfessions

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