I update tonight as I wait for my mom at Ikea. She called today needing help on a last minute trip and since I go to Ikea more than WalMart I’m clearly a great choice.

Her sister, my beloved auntie is coming in town so mom is trying to turn the guest bedroom from blah to fab. She claims it’s also in case I ever need to stay there if joe goes out of town for any reason but I find it suspicious that she never made these changes when he was traveling all the time. (j/k)

My love for Ikea really knows no bounds though. From their affordable prices to their DIY mentality, this is a store I can get behind. I would say, easily that half of our house is made up of Ikea products.

Plus who can pass up those meatballs with mashed potatoes, gravy and lingonberry sauce. Mmm yes please.


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