Happiness Project: September Goals

Going into August, I was really excited about those goals. I really wanted to focus on just getting my head in the game and really eating correctly and working out. Then the sinus infection hit and knocked me on my butt. For a good deal of the month I was struggling to actually breathe and sleep then actually move. For over a week, all I had was chicken soup, lovingly made by Joseph.

Needless to say that, August wasn’t a successful month which bums me out. Since August was such a bust, I’ve decided what will make me happiest is to re-do and try again. So, a reminder of what I’m going to try and focus on:

Specific goals for this month:

Not weigh myself – I’ve really struggled with the number on the scale, which hasn’t moved despite my best efforts. I know that I’m getting more fit, but it can be very demeaning to see the exact same range of weight again and again and again, especially when you KNOW the effort you are putting into it. So, for this month, I’m not worrying about that number. I weighed in today and I’ll probably weigh in again on 9/1 but not before that.

Be content with measurements – Joe and I started measuring ourselves when we started with crossfit. That right there was my proof that even if my weight was staying the same, I’m bettering my body because I’ve lost inches. Tonight, we plan to measure ourselves again and update our numbers and I’ll be content with that.

Be mindful of how and what I eat – I’ve been focusing on eating “primally” in case that hasn’t been picked up with the recipes I’ve been posting. It’s a concept I’ve been aware of for a few years and have done once before. To put it simply, this is what makes me feel the best, gives me the most energy and keeps me from feeling hungry. I know that when I don’t eat properly, I do not feel well. I want to make a concentrated effort to eat in a way that makes my body feel best 90% of the time. With an occasional treat thrown in there now and then.

Write down what I eat – I want to do this for a couple of reasons. I do want to lose weight and the best way for me to know I’m making the right choices over a period of time longer then a day is to have a record. And, because when I crossfit, I need to know that I have supplied my body with what it needs so that I feel great going through a workout.

Menu Plan & Grocery Shop on the weekends – I’m typically really good at this, but we recently went through a month where we didn’t do any big grocery trips. Just little stops here and there to get dinner. If I’m going to be more mindful of what I eat, I have to plan ahead and prep properly. To achieve the two steps above this, I have to do this.

Walk Everyday – I crossfit pretty consistently, which is really great. But, I want to add in a little more movement. It’s very easy for me to be lazy in the evenings. However, I always feel better when I go for a walk, it is always beneficial to me. So, my goal is to walk most days, especially the ones where it isn’t raining. I think I should get a pass for walking in the rain because it just won’t happen.

Continue to Crossfit – I’m addicted, so that shouldn’t be a problem. But it should be said anyways

Take time to Pamper myself – The more time I take to take care of myself, the more appreciation I will have for myself. I don’t need to take this time every day, but I definitely need to spend more time taking care of “me” then I do.

Surround myself with positive thoughts – By this I mean, remove anything from my life that brings negativity as it relates to how people look (or rather, most things). Read things that boost esteem rather than tear it down. Find positive role models in people who are amazing regardless of how they look or their size.

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  1. These are such great goals! Good luck!!

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