Work It Wednesday: GOTC Invitations

When I got married, I painstakingly made my invitations. I had a little help from a friend (Jasmine, sis in law/bridesmaid extraordinaire), especially on the centering. Between the two of us we made 80 pocket fold invitations along with the inserts and the wraps and the reply post cards.

To put it simply: I love to craft, especially with an end goal in mind.

This love of making invitations has yet to cease and I just love spending hours cutting and folding and gluing, all to create something for someone else to get to enjoy. For the past 3 years, I’ve assisted Girls of the Con with their calendar release invites. Last year, although I didn’t make them, it was my wonderful brainchild that came to life as they turned their invites into little comic books. The year before it was corset tied invitations.

This year, we went with a little bit of a classier look. I scoured the internet for inspiration, and this was our end result

If anyone is interested in going to the calendar release party to pick up an amazingly crafted Girls of the Con Calendar, it’s this Thursday night at the Marriott in Atlanta, where DragonCon is going on, at the Pulse Bar starting at 6:30.

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