Guy Talk: What’s your Fantasy

A 2006 Study shows more than 1 in 5 males from ages 18 to 49 (with internet) are consumed by the same thing.  What is it that I’m talking about?  Sports!!! Not just any type of sport… Fantasy Sports. 

With Baseball season winding down, and NFL Season starting up, Fantasy Sports are in full swing.  It’s not just baseball and football either;  Basketball, Hockey, Nascar, Golf , MMA and even Professional Wrestling all have respective fantasy leagues. 

It seems that most people used to think fantasy sports was ‘a bunch of math nerds pretending they were good at sports’, but then something happened and EVERYONE started playing fantasy sports.  So in the past 12 years I’ve seen leagues grow and grow.  The amazing thing is even though she’s not a huge sports fan, Mrs. B now look forward to football season each year. 


A few of my Teams have been named:

Rollin’ Thunder (The only name I’ve ever won a league with)

Flying Octopi

Elfin’ Beaneaters

And Braggilicous

Other Names that I’ve seen and liked a lot are

 “Favre Dollar Footlong”  and “Brady Gaga” 

I’m curious though, to all the AB2BA readers how many of you guys play fantasy sports and if you do, what sports are you playing and you team names?

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