Five Things Friday

1. This weekend, Joseph and I not only get to see Little Big Town, but we get the meet & greet passes. I’m super excited!

2. This weekend, Stephen and Jasmine go to try and attempt to get certified for Cross Fit. Keep your fingers crossed for them and say a little prayer that they pass.

This is what three (?) months of Crossfit has done for Stephen. Check them out here

3. If you are 100% content with your house and how it’s decorated, don’t read this blog. Because all this blog will make you do is want to change EVERYTHING. I’m now obsessed with them and their house and all their awesome ideas. I’ve also determined that I can totally add a backsplash in my kitchen, regardless of any actual skill or talent involved.

4. Primal be damned. I want to make these cookies so bad! They are called Boyfriend Cookies. I have neither a boyfriend nor plans to share them with my husband and I’m pretty sure they should be called: Will Never Be Sad with One of These Cookies

They have:

Milk Chocolate Chips
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
White Chocolate Chips
Reese’s Pieces
And who are we kidding, I’d ditch the white chocolate and add Peanut Butter Chips.

5. Seriously, watch this video. Rhett & Link discuss how to properly pronounce things. More than likely you’re saying it wrong.

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