Rave: Kitchen Aid & Joseph

A couple of weeks ago I was having the hardest time blending up a smoothie. This smoothie is one I had made a number of times, so it really made no sense why my blender wouldn’t cooperate. I was getting BEYOND frustrated with it and I threw a mini temper tantrum. Enough of one to get Joseph to come try his luck.

After a couple more minutes I just said “fine, I’ll use the crappy ninja” and pulled it out of the cabinet. (Side note, while I LOVE my ninja for prep, it makes TERRIBLE smoothies) As I’m pouring my smoothie into the ninja pitcher, I see the problem. The blade for my blender had literally snapped in two.

The metal blade had snapped IN TWO. That’s bananas.

I assumed I was destined to have to buy a new pitcher. This was the second pitcher I had broken with this blender, breaking about one a year at this point. Kitchen Aid had already been kind enough to replace the pitcher the first time since it was under warranty, so I assumed that this time I was out of luck.

This is where Joseph MAJORLY stepped up to the plate. He took it upon himself to contact Kitchen Aid. He emailed back and forth with a representative and gave her the story of what happened and the problem we had been having. In a very timely manner, she let Joseph know they would be sending out a new unit.


(Amber, I got a birthday present in honor of you it seems)

This is what greeted me when I got home today. A BRAND NEW RED KITCHEN AID BLENDER. A blender that’s a better model then what I had to begin with. Free of charge because Kitchen Aid’s customer service is, as I recall, the best customer service I’ve dealt with thus far in my short life.

(Ignore the mess)

So, this is a rave about not only how amazing and awesome Joseph is for dealing with them and doing all the work but for Kitchen Aid and how AMAZING they are. Sure the pitcher has broken twice, but with customer service like this, I will gladly spend a little more on a Kitchen Aid product in the future.


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3 responses to “Rave: Kitchen Aid & Joseph

  1. OOoo fancy! That’s great that they replaced it!

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