Pinterested? I Know You Are

Ask Joseph and he will tell you that I’ve been obsessed with pinterest lately. I mean, to be fair, I’ve been obsessed with it for forever now. But the past week, while I’ve been a sick invalid, I’ve been SUPER obsessed.

What did people even do on the internet before pinterest? Probably wrote emails or farmed or something…

I am that super annoying person who pins things and then makes them or does them or uses them for inspiration to do something else. I’m also that super annoying person who refuses to pin “Dream House” or anything related to what my one day dream is because I want to make my life my dream.

I have a whole board for things I’ve done, which is drastically lacking and needing updating. I pin all sorts of delicious foods, easy crafts and fun adventures to go on.

I just love how pinterest is this huge idea board. Sure, there can be a ton of horrible and stupid ideas, but there are so many more amazing things on there. And since I’m such a visual creature, it really speaks to me.

Isn’t it pretty and visual?

So, if you are interested in how interesting all my pins are, follow me here

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