Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

1. Joseph needs to stop watching stupid shows on Netflix. He is totally screwing up the top 10 suggestions for SANDRA. God Forbid Netflix actually thinks that I watch King of the Hill.

2. My friend Tiffany (of Books by Design fame) told me about this website. Apparently the nation’s top Squiggler updates it every day with pictures drawn from suggested squiggles
3. Jen Lancaster been one of my favorite authors for a while but I’ve been reading the archives on and laughing my butt off. One of my favorites so far is this one. It literally has me crying from laughing so hard.

Plus how can you NOT love someone who orders Barbie Heads when under the influence of sleeping medication? <;3 her

4. We went to the Falcon’s preseason game last night. I couldn’t even make it to half-time before I was just wiped. Sinus infections really take it out of you. I was fine for the majority of the day but once 6:30 hit, I wanted to take a nap. Sick, little old lady right here

5. Anyone want to start a book club surrounding this list? My love of Gilmore Girls knows no bounds

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