Five Things Friday

1. I have been waiting for FOUR years for this book, Throne of Glass to be published. I originally read it on RIGHT before the author pulled it. I am only half way through it, but I am going to go ahead and highly recommend it so everyone, because I’m just that stoked about it.*Mrs. Powers, I’m bringing it to you to read as soon as I finish because I want you to read it!*

2.  Apparently there was a study done on what cats really do. Perhaps it is just me, but I don’t find much of what they found surprising. Still an interesting read though.

3. I’ve been craving Greek Salads like something mad. And, it makes me sad that apparently, the town in which I live is incapable of having a restaurant that makes a wonderful Greek salad. I’ve had so much Greek salad that I’m pretty sure I’m just turning into one.

*Hello, my love*

4. This is ridiculously long but true and funny

5. Have I shared this video yet?

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