The Happiness Project: August Check In

So, for the month of August, I wanted to focus on eating right and exercising more and really taking the time to treat myself right. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve failed spectacularly.

I’m not sure if I feel extra pressured to be the perfect “healthy” person or what it is, but I’ve not been feeling it. I can say that I’ve not gotten proper sleep lately which leads to a super short temper and just feeling exhausted.

I’ve still made myself workout, most days. I still eat correct 85% of the time. I’m still writing down everything I eat.

I just can’t get my head into the game.

I’m struggling a lot.

But with my struggling I’m working on something that is possibly MORE important and that’s not making myself feel guilty.

Guilt won’t do me any good. It will only make me feel bad and I don’t want to feel bad. I don’t need to make myself feel bad because I’m not being 100% perfect. Because, let’s face it, that will never happen.

A couple of articles that really speak to me in dealing with ridiculous feelings of guilt are:

What Will You Do Today?

The Language of Food

I highly recommend reading them, simply for the fact that no one should carry around guilt for what they eat or their exercise routine.

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