Wonderful Wednesday

To talk about why Wednesday is so wonderful, I must first go over my Tuesday (which includes why there was no Tasty Tuesday).

Tuesday morning, I woke up as normal and took my shower. I applied my make up, dried my hair and picked out my clothes for the day. Ready for the day, I headed to the kitchen to make our breakfast smoothies and pack lunch. I throw all the ingredients in my blender for my new favorite smoothie recipe. It’s so delicious that I was planning to post the recipe, which has small variations from the original recipe.

I hit low and it blends for two seconds before it stopped blending, sounding like it was too thick for the blade to turn. I stir it and hit low again, no blending happened. I add some more liquid and stir, no blending, stir, no blending. I threw the spoon down in anger and Joseph comes over to investigate. Two minutes later, “Screw it, we’ll just use the sucky ninja.”

I start pouring the smoothie ingredients into the ninja pitcher and HALF of the blade comes tumbling out. My blender blades snapped in half!

On the way home from work, I had one of those woman, hormonal cry fests, as flowers from Joseph sat in my lap. No reason to be crying but I was.

Then, when I was trying to print on envelopes, my printer kept changing it’s mind between having a jam (which there wasn’t one) or being out of paper (which it wasn’t). I was so frustrated that Joseph was kind enough to patiently print on the 65 envelopes I needed.

Back to today.

Since that was a whole lot of crappity crap of suck. Now let’s turn to some things that are, right now, making me happy.

Our new 2013 Kia Soul. If you know of our car drama, you can probably guess how happy this makes us.

Flowers from my love!

Sea Salt & Caramel Dark Chocolate Dove Promises

Surprise present from a friend! Holy cow that was an awesome thing to find on my front porch!

My new favorite tv show. It’s ridiculous how much I love it!

Those are the things making my Wednesday wonderful.

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  1. jbragg30

    I’m happy that I could help make your day better today!

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