GuyTalk: Crossfit from a guy’s perspective

Mrs. B has been giving updates on her crossfit and I want you to hear it from a guy’s perspective.  Like I said in a previous guy talk, I grew up playing sports.  I’ve always been athletic, so admitting when I got to 260+ lbs and knew I couldn’t run half a mile down the road without having to stop… I knew I was in trouble.   Before my brother started his Crossfit dreams of opening a gym I started trying to lose weight.  My ultimate goal would be to get to 185 lbs, but my REAL goal was to get to 205 (1 lbs less than my wedding weight).   I worked out and ran some and tried to stay good. But it would only last a few weeks would go by and then I’d be having a bad day and order and eat an entire pizza.    I had become the king of yo-yo weight loss.  From 225 to 260 to 235 to 255 to 240… it was just ALL over the place.

When we started watching my brother, Stephen, and his wife doing cross fit I was 242.3 lbs.  Doing one pullup at 240+ lbs just isn’t going to happen right away. I’m a strong guy but this is crazy talk.

We are almost 2 months in and I’m at 224 lbs  and can now do 4 unassisted pull-ups.  I’ve learned to love certain workouts.  My favorite so far is named “Nasty Girls”; the prescribed version of this workout is 50 squats, 7 muscle-ups, and 10 hang power cleans.  I can’t do that just yet.   We usually modify that to squats, pull up progressions, dips, and power cleans.    I’m not sure why it’s my favorite but man it’s a butt kicker!  It is one of those that make you look forward to the next day that isn’t so hard.

I just know that all this working out makes me feel better about myself, when I’m having those bad days.  These workouts which normally last 8-12 minutes, with the occasional 25 minute workout, completely make me feel better.

Shortly after starting this, I did 8 measurements on myself: Neck, Chest, hips, waist, thigh, calf, bicep, and forearm.   I’ve lost a total of 16.5 inches in less than 2 months.

If you’d like to see where we are doing it, or have questions about it.  You can look at the facebook account  here.

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