Five Things Friday (+ Giveaway Winner Announced)

1. This weekend, my beloved has a birthday, enters a new age decade and gets super spoiled by me because of it. Hopefully he’ll realize it’s time to grow out of this:

2. It’s also my friend, Jason’s birthday weekend. Also entering a new (and older) age decade. Happy Birthday, this one is for you!

3. So, a little over a week ago I hosted a giveaway for They chose Daphne and her comment as the winner.

My challenge idea would be to ride your bike to work everyday, or if you can’t bike, get off one station earlier, or park further away than usual from your workplace.

So check your email, Daphne, I’ve sent the contact info for getting your prize.

4. I’m just being honest.

5. It’s the freaking weekend! I’m so ready to NOT work, NOT get up early and spend lots of time with Joseph! I’m making him this awesome recipe for his birthday breakfast. They are AMAZING. Seriously, get the ingredients and make them stat. You’re welcome, preemptively.

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