Five Things Friday

1. So, I have this tendency to bring a propel in to work and reuse the bottle for a couple of days before bringing in a new one. Well, a few weeks ago they started disappearing off my desk. It didn’t matter if it was full, half full or empty, (I’m assuming) the cleaning lady kept deciding my bottle was trash. It’s come to this:

2. This girl has my proxy on the 50 Shades Series

3. I’ve been loling over this site for far too long at this point. Hunger Games meets Mean Girls

4.I ran across this blog of this girl’s story of forced courtship by her parent’s. Although it seems to have turned out well, it is an eye opening experience when the Bible is used to control instead of to love

5. This picture literally had me laughing so hard I was crying when I first saw it.

And just to be a little more annoying.. Do you want to try and win a digital kitchen scale? I have one and use it ALL THE TIME. You do? Check it out and enter: Scale Giveaway

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