A Crossfit Check In

So, a little over a month ago I wrote that Joseph and I were going to try crossfit. The workout was front squats, I think. And it was only a few reps. I knew it was something I could complete, unlike most of their work outs that seem defeating on paper and only get worse as you do them.

The workout after that one was a KILLER. It involved my least favorite move ever, the BURPEE and I had to do numerous of them. Yet, I endured on to more crossfit workouts.

I’ve progressed from being a solid “Puppy” level to balancing in between Puppy & Pack. I’ve completed workouts that I was convinced I couldn’t do. I’ve cursed & whined and glared A LOT.

I’ve also seen how a great and efficient workout can turn my day around and make me feel better. I’ve seen how I can lift things effortlessly in my every day life that I would have previously left for Joseph to do.

In one month, Crossfit has made me a more confident and powerful feeling person. I feel less weak and frail. I feel like I don’t have to rely on Joseph and one of his brother’s or my dad or some other male figure to help move heavy furniture from room to room or even up or down floors.

A month in and I still check the website every night with a mix of trepidation and excitement as I wonder what special form of torture I’ll be put in the next day. A month in and I’m still in love with this style of exercise that is full of everything I thought I would hate. A month in and I don’t see any indication of wanting to quit.

I have all these workouts pinned on pinterest that I no longer have a need for. Pins which I will probably delete soon because if I want a varied workout, all I have to do is go to crossfit.com and I’ll get one that is probably going to do more for my body in less time.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited about working out, or a workout system before. I’m excited because I know this is changing my body and my life for the better. There has never been one workout where afterwards I wish I hadn’t worked out. There’s not been one day where I decided that I had better things to do then pound out a workout. I am utterly enamored with it to the point that sometimes I’m the one pushing Joseph to workout and not the usual, other way around.

(Most weekends, we workout with Joseph’s brother Stephen and his wife Jasmine. If you want to work out, hit me or them up http://www.facebook.com/pages/Soon-to-be-our-Crossfit-page/258513330916118)


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5 responses to “A Crossfit Check In

  1. Very cool. I’ve flirted with the idea of crossfit, but honestly it scares me! Kudos to you!
    I may consider it after baby no. 2 is here…
    Do you mind me asking how much it costs? And do you have to have much special equipment?

    • Crossfit gyms are typically pretty expensive. I don’t go to a gym. I use crossfit.com and the Brandx scaling. For instance, today they posted a workout with very high weights that I’m too weak for, but Brandx scales it down.

      The equipment we have is a pull up bar (that can be converted for assisted pullups), a weight bench, 45 lb weight bar and accompanying weights as well as a 4 lb weight bar and accompanying weights, and an adjustable weight dumb bell set. Every once in a while we have to go get something, like jump ropes, but that is the basic of what you need.

      Don’t be scared by it. If you go by the scaling it is hard but very doable and you feel AMAZING once you finish!

      Good luck with baby number 2!! THey also have kid crossfit which is more like playing but still good exercise!

    • jbragg30

      Bethany, One reason Crossfit Gyms are expensive is because of what it does. We go to my brothers Start up Gym right now, but basically you become a family/team with the other Crossfitters that go there. And you have a trainer with you at all times, so it’s a lot like having a personal trainer.

      I would say it’s better than when you go to a standard $30-$40 a month gym and you just walk in and see all of these machines and not sure what to do. You work out on some machines without anyone making sure you’re doing it right and checking for form. I’ll have my update for me coming in the next few weeks, but as a preview, I can tell you that it’s working great so far for me.

  2. jo willoughby

    I just want to tell you that exercise has become my friend as well. I never thought that I could enjoy it but it keeps me calm and helps me manage each day. It’s been almost 3 years for me and while I might have gained a few pounds my life with exercise is so much better. Keep up the good work!

    • YAY for exercise as BFF’s! πŸ™‚ Without a doubt it helps me get through the day and focus like nothing else. It’s great to know that there is an exercise for everyone, it’s just figuring out what is most enjoyable!

      Thanks for the kind words!

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