GuyTalk: A, C, D, E, F, G… I hate Bees!

On a hot Summer day in the middle of Georgia a young man stands in the lush green lawn looking out to see where he should start to mow.  The temperature is reaching the mid-90’s and he’s starting to sweat even before cranking up the old fashioned push mower.  With music blasting in his ears, he starts the mower and begins mowing one row after another.   Before he knows it, the front of the house is done and is looking good.

He moves to the side of the house, going near the house so that he will prevent as much of the tedious weed eating that will be required after his initial lawn duties.  As he begins slicing each blade of grass, he feels accomplishment building inside of himself by how quickly he’s working and then like a bolt of lightning out of nowhere something strikes.

The young man jumps in the air and yelps in pain that is coming from his right hand.   Then another bolt of lightning strikes the left side of his neck… and he can hear the thunderous buzzing that is now going on in his head.  He pausing to assess the damage he has just taken when he realize that the buzzing is still going on, but it’s not in his head… it’s ON his head… so more dancing and swinging continues.  This ends with the lawn mower being left on the side of the house.  The young man cursing at these things and ran into the house defeated.

Next week we discuss how you can lose a battle but win a war.

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