Happiness Project: July Check In

*A One Tree Hill quote is fitting considering how much of that show I’ve been watching lately*

One of the reasons I wanted to focus on loving myself and being a nicer person is that sometimes I don’t like the girl that I am. It has nothing to do with how I look and everything to do with my personality.

When it comes to certain things I know who I want to be and I know how I act to detract or add to that. I know that when I let myself be a mean and catty person, I like myself less. I don’t want to be mean or catty but sometimes it’s easier to do that then be nice. However, I have really focused on trying to be open minded about people and remember that I don’t know the full extent of a situation.

I’ve had to drive myself to work all this week. If you know me, chances are you know how much I truly detest driving. I tend to think most other drivers on the road are really bad at driving. However, it’s been a GREAT lesson in patience and grace. With a few exceptions of really bad/dangerous drivers around me, I’ve really tried to focus on not letting traffic get to me.

After all, a few minutes in traffic won’t make or break me. Someone squeezing in line when I’ve been waiting shouldn’t have a real effect on my emotions. I would much rather be happy then annoyed/upset/angry, so I’ve not let it get to me.

The more kind and understanding I’ve been to other people and situations has helped me be more kind and understanding to myself. I’ve focused on the positive things I’ve done as opposed to the things I’ve not done. I’ve allowed myself to be proud of the little things that may not matter to everyone. I’ve focused on treating myself special because I am and I deserve it.

I’ve focused on acting happier and complaining less at work, especially about things that don’t really bother me. I’ve tried to make my day as pleasant as possible and share that pleasantness with other people.

The thing about this particular Bible verse that so many look over is that this is not just in relation to romantic love. This is in regards to all love; love for yourself, you friends, even strangers. Sure, I’m nowhere near perfect, nor is it possible to always be a perfect example of love (at least not for me) but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t attempt to remember and apply this every day of my life.

So far for the month, the biggest thing I need to continue to work on is having a generous heart in regards to how I speak and think about myself and other people. The more I love myself, the more I can love other people. When I can stop finding faults in myself, I won’t see them in other people.


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2 responses to “Happiness Project: July Check In

  1. This post definitely resonated in me because I’ve been thinking lately about how it’s easy to fall into certain roles when you’re around certain people. It’s not that I’m acting to “fit in” or something, it’s just different facets of my personality – you’d act differently around a group of work peers than a group of old high school friends. But you’re right – sometimes those roles encompass behaviors that I’d prefer not to see in myself.

    Good luck with the rest of your happiness project!

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