Work it Wednesday: Office Before & After

Some of you may recall when I shared that my bff was expecting a baby and that Joseph and I had made a wager on what the gender would end up being. Because she is having a girl, I won and we got to redecorate the spare bedroom into an office. Going into this redecoration I had a pretty clear vision, of which I started a pinterest board for.

I knew I wanted the walls to be more of a neutral blank canvas sort of color because I wanted to add lots of colors with my decorations. I also knew I wanted a massive desk. After all this isn’t just for office/writing but also for room to craft. Let’s face it, when I craft, I craft well.

First, some before pictures.

Excuse the mess! Ever since we’ve moved into the house, the office has been the catchall for any documents that we needed to keep but had NO Place to keep them as well as various craft stuff and really anything Joseph stashed up there while cleaning. The walls are your standard builder beige color and the poor window is so stark. The furniture in the room is a mish mash of what we had in the old house and nothing went together or matched. The wooden desk was built for me by my grandfather when I was younger and totally amazing, just so you know. And, for the record, I have NO CLUE why we have a cane!

Now a fun during picture of building massive desk. We screwed the wood into the bookcases for stability and support before screwing on the top.

Finally, onto the fun *after* pictures

We painted the walls Manhattan Mist by Behr. It’s a light and pretty grey that would go with pretty much ANY bright color I wanted to add to my office.

The lamp is a paper lantern base from Ikea ($5) with circles of Harry Potter pages I cut out and glued to it. The window valance I made myself from fabric from and no sew, iron on hem tape. I’m really freaking proud of it. I knew I wanted a chevron pattern in my office and this was the most gorgeous blue color.

These are pictures of the left and right side of the MASSIVE desk. The bookcases that we are using as legs are from ikea ($39.99 each) and they were the perfect height. Most of the cube bookcases are 9×9 and 36 inches high. These are 4×4 and 31 inches high, which is a much more reasonable height for a normal desk. The top of the desk is MDF board we got pre-cut at Home Depot and I painted dark silver with an oops can of metallic Martha Stewart paint. All the storage boxes are also from Ikea and fit perfectly into the cube holes.

Some thing else I had really wanted for my office was an organizational bulletin board wall. On the left is a canvas print from Bed, Bath & Beyond that I got with a 20% off coupon. In the little alcove to the right are magnetic bulletin boards and a corkboard as well as a ribbon picture board (what are those really called?) The magnetic board came from Office Max and were FAR less expensive then their whole easy assembly systems. Plus, they are super easy to stick up to the wall and colorful.

This is the right side of the desk where all the craft stuff is kept. The cups and bar are from Ikea (surprising, right?). They are holding various crafty things I had shoved in a big black craft suitcase thing. I also have a whole bunch of scissors with different shaped blades that I collected in a pretty purple box with a sequin top that doesn’t detatch. The clock is currently not working, mostly because while fixing it, Joseph might have broken it more, oops! The picture on the bottom right of the picture is actually by John Bohannon, who takes amazing photographs.

And in proof of my never ending love of desk supplies, we had to get a new organizer. This is something Joseph let me spend far too much money on. It’s from Staples and is Martha Stewart, all the pieces fit together so you can make your perfect desk organizer. I got some colorful paperclips, push pins and post it notes. The rest is all craft stuff I had laying around the house. On the right, I used some left over fabric from my window valance to decorate my pencil cup. On the right is a index card/pencil holder Joseph made when he was younger. He painted it a mint green to match the ridiculous colorfulness of my office and bought me some colorful index cards to go in it. Notice there is also a propel peeking out, you know I’m addicted.

So, that is my glorious office. Which, Joseph has gotten to actually work in before me. But I’ve spent plenty of time in there writing, crafting my Harry Potter Lamp and setting everything up. I have more plans for some wall art but this is more than enough for now. I hope everyone loved my office as much as I do!

Also, I want to wish my sister a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For two days we were twinnies, but today she turned 26! What an old Lady she is!

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  1. Amber

    You are so creative. I love it!!

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